Monday, July 30, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Episode 8 'Somebody I Used To Know'

As always, spoilers lay ahead. So either read on, or ciao bitches...

Last week's episode "In The Beginning," ended with a shot of Eric, not exactly a paradigm of virtue, pale-faced (well more pale-faced than usual) and looking remorseful while the rest of the gang, gone off ancient blood, saw visions of Lilith and gorged on a wedding party. Even more surprising when you realize the first vampire you'd expect to get all "what have I done," would be Bill Compton. Little did we know that turn of events would foreshadow the end of this week's episode, "Somebody I Used To Know." Don't worry, we'll get to Alcide in a minute.

Let's start with the vampires. Everyone returns to the mansion/compound, still blitzed out of their skulls and babbling about how they communed with Lilith/god. Eric, having been shown the light by Godric's spirit, dismisses the holy chatter with a succinct "we were high as fucking kites." Words that have been spoken after a night spent on Bourbon street since time, or at least New Orleans, began. But I digress. He gets Bill to snap out of the haze, but the rest of the Authority are convinced seeing Lilith's naked tig ol' bitties (oh Russell you blasphemous bastard) are a sign their mission to rule over humans is a righteous one. 

Salome in particular, is hell bent on obeying Lilith's commandments, bringing Bill into her bedroom for a late snack, the milk and cookies in this scenario being a woman chained to the bed. Bill plays his "I was once a husband and a dad" card until Salome hits him with a low blow--"If you really loved your human children, why didn't you make them vampire." It's enough to send his mind back to Baton Rouge in 1910, where he visited his daughter on her sick bed, refusing to turn her even as she cried her inside were rotting. 

To be honest, this flashback came off as an afterthought by the writers. I mean, how convenient is it Salome hits on the one thing that would stomp out the last of Bill's humanity and make him cross over to the dark side? And how is it Bill is so humane and sophisticated in 1910, when just five years earlier he was draining hookers dry and getting in Eric's face like a pissed off shih tzu? Especially since, at least according to season two's timeline, he was knee deep in his nihilistic phase with Lorena until at least the late 1920s? The whole thing was unnecessary, because the look on Bill's face as he tore into a fresh neck was more than enough to convey something was different about him. 

Eric tries to convince Nora that Godric would be appalled by her conversion, but she counters by saying the  pacifist spirit he saw was an poor's man version of the vampire who made them. She's got a point; while his ghost may be right about Lilith, the Godric we met would probably wince at seeing a mosquito take a few slurps out of a dog. Eric's odd-man-out status becomes crystal clear when the group meets to exchange strategies on how to crush mainstreamers. While everyone else suggests the usual, take-power-from-behind-the-scenes political schemes, Bill lays out a showstopper: bomb the True Blood plants so all vampires, sanguista or mainstreamer alike, will be forced to dine on humans. Eric, looking genuinely dumbfounded, asks "what are you doing?" To which Bill replies "evolving," before taking a sip of his drink. All that was missing was some asthmatic breathing, storm troopers and Darth Vader theme music.

While Eric's future is in question, Pam and Tara are getting along just fine (peep the maker/progeny matching Asian-inspired outfits and up dos). At first it looks as if Pam is back to treating Tara like a pet when she calls her stupid after she insults a racist former classmate. But surprise! Mama's got a present for her baby vamp in the basement! After glamouring the girl into thinking the sun (or in this case the moon) rises and sets on Tara and her gorgeous cocoa mouth, Pam exits with a "have fun," like a cool mom tossing her kid the keys to the Lexus. Hopefully Tara will catch Pam in a "spare the rod" mood more often. 

Her night went a hell of a lot better than Jessica.'s Tricked by a member of Hoyt's new hate posse, she's silvered and curled up in a corner bleeding when he discovers her. After hurling some garden variety vamper slurs, the boys leave Hoyt alone to finish her off, but true to form, he lets her go. Well almost true to form, as he fires off a F bomb at Jessica when she thanks him.  And judging from the scents Sam and Luna were picking up, Jessica may not be the only woman in Hoyt's life who's spent time at that clubhouse.

Speaking of shifters, I had a "hell no/WTF" moment the minute Luna morphed into Sam and passed out. I mean, didn't we already go down this road with Tommy? And who did Luna bump off to get her skinwalking abilities? If not for the superb comedic skills of Sam Trammell, this story line would have been a total bust. Not too many actors can pull off playing opposite themselves as woman who's shifted into the body of a man that's their very likeness. And turning into a cobra to get that douchebag to confess was a nice touch. But I'm grateful Luna came back just before they kissed. That would've been too bizarre, even for True Blood.

Now on to the werewolves. Alcide, Alcide Alcide! After being taunted for the past few episodes with bedroom romps ruined by gals who can't hold their liquor (I'm talking to you dairy maid!) and shirtless "training" sessions, we were duly rewarded with the glorious sight of a full-on Alcide sex scene. Oh my goodness...the growling, the hair pulling, the muscles, that ass, tossing Rikki across the room and pouncing on her...*wipes off keyboard and regains composure* Chile, it was well worth the wait! But back to the lecture at hand. It's a good thing the big bad wolf got some love, because after catching a beat down by JD during the packmaster challenge, Alcide is gonna need someone to help him lick his wounds. Hopefully we'll get to watch.

Sookie may have missed out on that earth-shattering experience, but men don't seem to be her top priority these days; ridding herself of her fairy magic is. At least until Jason comes along, has another heart-to-heart and convinces her to hold onto her powers, at least until they find the vampire who murdered their parents. After heading back to the Moulin Fairy to ask Claude about her other fae abilities, they help her channel her mother's memories of the night she died. 

But Sookie being Sookie, she ends up not only inhabiting her mother's spirit, but the vampire who killed her as well. Claude freaks out while Jason berates him for possibly getting Sookie into danger (now Jason, even you aren't that thick; you knew it was only a matter time before that happened), but she manages to figure out the vampire's name, Warlow. And apparently he can sense her spirit/psyche as well, as he comes to her in the bathroom and tells her she's his. Hmmm, a heroine and a villain whose minds are magically connected? Very Harry Potter wouldn't you say? And  was I the only one who thought Warlow was giving off major Freddy Krueger vibes with the fedora and appearing to Sookie all shadowy and dreamlike?

Lafayette, driving home after his latest near-death brujo experience, opens Jesus's first aid and heals his stitched lips with a vial of V. Lo and behold, the camera pans out to find Jesus is riding shotgun, and the two share a short but sweet moment. But when he comes home to find Arlene and Holly in his driveway, he's fresh out of sweetness and full of the best shade he's thrown all season--"Hooker I ain't in the helping business no more. I'm in the fuck off while I smoke a blunt business. And business 'bout to pick way the fuck up!" And Miss Thang means business, charging Arlene $300 to get rid of the Ifrit and cure Terry. The power he once feared is now his meal ticket. Hustler Lafayette is back and in full effect! 

However, La La quickly learns his medium magic is not to be trifled with when, in the middle of serving his best "Molly you in danger girl"/sister Cleo realness during a seance, the spirit of Zepheria, the woman Terry shot, swan dives into his mouth and explains she'll only remove the curse if either Terry or Patrick kill each other. A few episodes back I moaned at the thought of Lafayette's brujo plot merging with Terry's fire demon, but it turned out better than I expected, if only because Nelson George was so entertaining to watch. Who will live is anyone's guess, but I'm thinking Patrick will take a dirt nap before Terry.

Other notes:
--It was hilarious watching Steve Newlin and Russell having a kiki and planning a cruising adventure during The Authority meeting. I see a BFF relationship on the horizon.

--Who wants to bet a member of the hate posse is the one who pulled a gun on Hoyt? Then again he did say a friendly face, so who knows.

So what did you think of "Somebody I Used To Know?" Discuss

Friday, July 27, 2012

Food For Thought: Gladys Knight

When asked about Paris Jackson's tweets on the family's drama:

“[Paris Jackson] wouldn’t have any teeth. She is a Jackson, she shouldn’t be putting the business out there like that. Cause people read into whatever they want to read into, that’s how they get the drama.“See, I’m from the South and [I] was raised in that southern way,” Knight said. “You have to understand Paris is what, 14? How old is Janet? Who’s the one who tries to direct the other one here? And I would think that it’s a good thing she let’s Paris know who she is.”

Do you agree with Auntie Gladys that Paris should know a child's place? Or is she just acting out due to the stress of the situation?

NYC 5th Grader Gives Marriage Equality Speech To City Council

Kameron Slade, the fifth grader whose teacher stopped him from giving a speech about same-sex marriage in front of his class, gave his speech in front of the city council. Watch News 4's report.

WATCH: Mitt Romney's New Ad Targets Black Voters

Do you believe this ad? Does this make you want to vote for Romney? As someone said over at TheGrio, the ad is "video editing at its best." Watch below.

Two Men Possibly Cured of HIV With Bone Marrow Transplant

Two Boston men have allegedly been cured of HIV through bone marrow transplants, according to reports from the annual international AIDS conference.

"The two men who were being treated at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for cases of cancer at different times. One of the men is in his 20s and was infected at birth, while the other man is in his 50s, and has been infected with HIV since the early 1980s. After each receiving bone marrow transplants, the men also remained on their antiretroviral medication regimens, according to NBC News. 

Within eight months of their respective transplant surgeries, it was discovered that the patients' cells were replaced by cells from the HIV-negative bone marrow donors. The men also now show no signs of HIV in their DNA or RNA. Levels of HIV antibodies have also decreased. 

"We expected HIV to vanish from the patients' plasma, but it is surprising that we can't find any traces of HIV in their cells", said Timothy Henrich, MD, who presented the finding with colleague Daniel Kuritzkes. "The next step is to determine if there are any traces of HIV in their tissue."

Kuritzkes added that the discovery suggests that "under the cover of anti-retroviral therapy, the cells that repopulated the patient's immune system appear to be protected from becoming re-infected with HIV."

Researchers are currently preparing to study other HIV-positive men who have undergone bone marrow transplants. Tim Brown (pictured above) made headlines when he underwent a similar treatment that has seems to have gotten rid of the HIV in his body. Obviously if this is the real deal, it is great news.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glee Actor Is "Through" With Chick-fil-A, Protests Planned

Oh snap, it looks the Chick-fil-A backlash is in full effect. Grant Gustin, who plays gay student Sebastian Smthye on Glee, tweeted he was "officially done with Chick-fil-A," in the wake of its president's endorsement of its anti-gay stance.

Famous straight allies aren't the only ones railing against the chicken chain--others are organizing and taking action, including "the National Same-Sex Kiss Day, scheduled for August 3. Organizers of the event are asking same-sex pairs to kiss at their local Chick-fil-A at 8 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Central, and 5 p.m. Pacific. More information is available on Facebook."

A protest is scheduled at the grand opening of a Chick-fil-A in Laguna Hills, Calif., Thursday. And next Wednesday, August 1, LGBT supporters are asked to donate the value of a Chick-fil-A dinner —about $6.50 — to their local gay rights organization."

News of the demonstrations come after the mayors of both Chicago and Boston have publicly stated they don't want Chick-fil-A to set up shop in their cities.

Read more HERE.

WATCH: Jon Stewart On Chick-fil-A President's Anti-Gay Logic

As always, Jon cuts through the BS so you won't have to. Watch below.

Scotland To Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Scotland may be the first country in the UK to have marriage equality, with ministers announcing a plan to introduce the bill to the parliament later this year.

The idea has already drawn an enormous public response, which according to the BBC, amounted to "77,508 responses in total, with 14,779 from outside Scotland,” reported the news agency. “Some 64% of those who responded [including postcard and petition responses] said they were against same-sex marriage. Excluding postcard and petition responses to the consultation from within Scotland the outcome shows 65% were in favor and 35% against.”

Both The Catholic Church and The Church of Scotland have voiced opposition to the idea, fearing the evil gay boogeyman (or woman) will barnstorm their churches and trample their religious freedom, even though government officials have assured that no religious organization will have to perform same-sex marriages. But some folks just love to get bent out of shape.

If all goes well, the first same-sex wedding could happen in early 2015. Both England and Wales's governments are considering marriage equality as well.


Kellan Lutz To Star In Film Set In Gay World

The buff and beautiful Kellan Lutz--why wasn't he tapped for Magic Mike?--along with Camilla Belle are slated to co-star in a film as secret lovers in a world where homosexuality is considered the norm. Sounds like an interesting role reversal. According to The Advocate:

"In the role-reversal drama Love is All You Need, Belle will play a star quarterback who is adored by a large fan base while Lutz, portrays an aspiring journalist. "The two fall in love, with their relationship growing in secret, but when the romance becomes public, the two find themselves being bullied," according to THR."

Lutz is not only hip to fact that straight girls are the only ones doing double takes, but relishes his gay fan base. "I love them," he said." When I meet gay fans out and about, they’re so great to talk to — and I’m big on hugging, because I’m from the Midwest. They’re just so energetic and loving. I’m proud to have those fans, and their support means a lot to me. I don’t want just girls coming to my movies; I want guys to come too."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Ep. 7 'In The Beginning'

Sorry for the late post, but I had some urgent matters to attend to. As always, spoilers are ahead, so on with the show...

Last week's episode ended with Roman (and his chest of steel--*sigh*) meeting the true death at the hands of Russell Edgington. This week's episode, entitled "In The Beginning," deals with the aftermath, setting up what is sure to be a huge, end-of-season clash:  fundamentalist humans feeling spit on for being normal and hellbent on destroying all the supernatural freaks, fundamentalist vampires tired of playing nice with their food, a.k.a humans. with all the half-human, half-supes and supes who want to peacefully co-exist caught in between. It's positively X-Men.

No sooner than we find Russell standing over Roman's remains, golf polo and all, than someone hits the lights. Cut to more Nora praising Lilith while baking like rotisserie and Eric strung up on a column by Russell as the V-Feds descend upon and silver him. Turns out that Salome was the one who set up detective Stabler. Shocker! It was obvious Salome was the hooded figure who dug Russell out of his concrete grave from Sookie's first mind read.

Needless to say, Eric and Bill are none too pleased at the recent turn of events (the phrase "you bible-banging c*nts comes to mind)--I'm surprised he didn't eviscerate Nora on sight. However, Salome has no intention of killing the boys; she wants them to join her, Nora and Russell in heading the sanguista movement and devouring all humans. The two refuse, but are invited to a ceremony to clear Russell of his crimes.
After Russell pledges allegiance to Lilith, everyone takes a sip of her blood, leading to a raucous night out on Bourbon street. Who knew Bill could cut loose? Lorena would be proud. Plus something tells me Steve and Russell are gonna be exchanging more than clothing compliments when the night's over. Eric may have been an atheist and Russell a con artist-- I don't believe a word that comes out of his duplicitous mouth--but all bets are off once Lilith's ghost materializes out a pool of blood. Everyone goes back to gorging on dead bar patrons when Godric appears and speaks to Eric, telling him to save Nora from whatever evil Lilith has in store for them. Which poltergeist will he believe?

The coming vampire revolution has also trickled down into the werewolf world, as JD is recruiting wolves to serve Russell. In a glorious, all-too-short scene, a shirtless Alcide "trains" with the woman who backed him up when he challenged JD. Martha breaks up the lovefest and tells Alcide to back down, dismissing his accusation that JD's on V until she sees him hand Emma a vial. I'll say this--Emma's in way better hands than Sally Draper. Grandma Francis probably would've served up a few vials as a before bed snack. But I digress. Clearly this is going to be a battle between the pure/fundamentalist wolves (i.e Alcide and Martha) and the ones who bow to a fanger (JD).

Back at the Moulin Fairy, Sookie, still knocked out from the rays of light that hit her, is being examined by Claude and a woman to test the strength of her light. After waking up, she learns that her powers are finite due to her only being half fae, a revelation that fills her with hope rather than dread as she and Jason leave. Jason, in what is perhaps his most emotionally mature and astute moment in the entire series, tells her that their parents' death isn't her fault, and thanks her for not making it feel like it was his, despite all the years he blamed himself. It was a genuinely sweet scene, and neatly tied Jason's whole "man in the mirror' story arc back into Sookie's world of supernatural craziness. Though  judging from the light show she put on at the end of the episode makes me think she's had enough of were/vamp/fairy/witch/shifter drama and just wants to be "normal."

Meanwhile Sam is all but reveling in his shifter-dom, rolling around on the floor like he just popped out of a wedding cake and sniffing any and everything to catch the vigilantes that shot him and Luna. Sookie comes to visit in the hospital bearing flowers and Sonic ("It's all about the Sonic" is probably the best line Luna's ever uttered) in a ruse to talk to Sam. The two talk about Sam's new superhero status, giving the Sookie the perfect segue way to go all Rogue and ask him if he'd give up his "powers" for a regular life. Sam basically voices her thoughts, explaining he's tired of fighting the hate and believes if he weren't a shifter, many of the people he loved would still be alive, before shrugging his shoulders and saying "we are what we are." Not exactly a Jessica Tandy "it gets better" speech is it? But it did give us a quiet, emotional scene between the two, something we haven't seen a lot of lately.

Speaking of Jessica, she best watch her back, now that she and Jason are over and Hoyt has to told his new posse he hates her. Do you believe that? Me neither. Something tells me he'll take a wooden bullet to the chest before watching Jessica become a pile of blood goo.Ironic the two ex-friends have something common, though Jason's vamp hate comes from a deeper place; Hoyt's just a sucker for peer pressure. Oh and in other human news, Holly comforts Arlene while watch her wedding video/memorial (i.e. dead folks and broken relationships, a True Blood prerequisite) and Patrick talks Terry off the ledge as they wait for the Ifrit to come and annihilate them. I was glad Terry didn't blow his brains out, but I'm ready for the fire demon to put up or shut up.

Lafayette, taking Ruby Jean's advice, drives down to Mexico (how much does being a fry cook pay again? gas ain't exactly cheap right now) to confront Jesus's uncle. Instead he's greet by Jesus's actual severed head, its mouth stitched shut, and a shotgun to his back. Jesus's uncle wants the brujo magic Lafayette--technically Marnie--stole from their family back, a process that apparently involves stitching the thief's mouth shut, slicing their brain open and rubbing a your wife's squirming, demon-impregnated belly. Lucky for La La, said pregnant wife got up and hack Bartolo to death, then cut his stitches. Maybe he should have brought Ruby Jean for backup.&

While we're talking crazy mamas, Tara's stripping at Fangtasia, to the motherly approval of Pam (who in a rare coif misstep, crimped her hair. Really girl?) when Lettie Mae strolls through the door. Is she coming to rescue her baby and comfort her? Nope. Instead she tells Tara she's dead to her now, ignoring the fact her daughter was made a vampire against her will. Tara acts cold and nonchalant until she leaves, then cries a few tears in the club's office. Pam reassures Tara that she won't even remember her a century from now, causing Tara to get all touchy feely and hug her. Pam tolerates it for as long as she can before telling her progeny to get back on the pole. Aww, thanks Mom.

 So what did you think of "In The Beginning?" Discuss.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Food For Thought: Morgan Freeman

On the gays:

"I grew up in the South but I started dancing in my twenties when I got out of the Air Force, and studying dance, you’re surrounded by gay guys all the time. You get to know them and you have to shift gears!"

When asked whether we "invented" God:

"Well, here's a scientific question: Has anybody ever seen hard evidence? What we get is theories from our earlier prophets. Now, people who think that God invented us think that the Earth can't be more than 6,000 years old. So I guess it's a question of belief. My belief system doesn't support a creator as such, as we can call God, who created us in His/Her/Its image.We invented God.So if I believe in God, and I do, it's because I think I'm God."

Mike Huckabee Equates Gay Scout Leaders With Child Molesters

You can always count on the sun to shine, rain to fall and Mike Huckabee to spout a big 'ol barrel of BS. While voicing his support for the Boy Scouts' ban on gay members, the one-time presidential candidate compared gay people to child molesters.

"You make us all understand why the Boy Scouts made a decision that at least I think was the right one," he told the caller.

"Tim" said he had been repeatedly abused and offered a theory on what caused it. "I believe homosexuals try to target groups like that to get a leadership area in," the caller said. "If there hadn't been a homosexual in my troop, I wouldn't have been traumatized for about three years."

Huckabee shared that the leader of his own childhood scout troop had molested other boys. "We didn't even know what a homosexual was in those days," he said."

Listen to the madness below.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

WATCH: Black Folk Don't: 'Do Atheism'

The newest Black Folk Don't interviews people on the street, media personalities, and *gasp* actual black atheists (yes we actually show up on camera:) about whether or not black folk "do" atheism. Watch below.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WATCH: Director Campbell X Talks About New Film 'Stud Life'

British director Campbell X discusses her latest film Stud Life, which explores the London subculture of masculine lesbian through the eyes of a stud lesbian and her gay male friend. For those L.A., Stud Life will screen at the DGA Theatre on July 20 at 7:15 p.m. To find out more go to Watch the interview below.

Texas Judge Denies Lesbian Couple Space For Wedding Ceremony

A judge in Texas has denied a lesbian couple the right to have a commitment ceremony in a public space. I guess this shouldn't be too big of a shock--after all, this is the same state where gay men have to stage sit-ins for marriage equality and you can be fired from your job for being gay. Read on...

The unidentified couple requested to have a ceremony at Fort Belknap in June. Young County Judge John Bullock denied their request because same-sex couples do not have marriage rights in Texas, and their application called the event a wedding.

"There's been weddings out there, heterosexual weddings," Bullock said to KDAF News. He said he denied the request because he "didn't think it was in the best interest of the fort or for Young County."  

However the county commission stepped in and voted 4-1 to overturn the judge's decision. Commissioner Stacey Rogers said there was little harm in allowing the couple to have a commitment ceremony on the fort's grounds.

"Even though it may say wedding, this is just a ceremonial process. It's nothing legally binding. It's just like a group of family or friends going out there, and you're denying access to public property," he said.

Thank goodness someone possessed some common sense; the judge tried to pull a legal okey doke through the county commission, but they rejected his proposal. The couple decided to have their ceremony somewhere else.


Monday, July 16, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Ep. 6 'Hopeless'

As always, spoilers are ahead. Soldier on only if got the guts, 'cause peace is for...well you know whats...

This week's episode, appropriately entitled "Hopeless," tied together a few loose plotlines and set up some action for the second half of the season. Sam and Andy form a new tag team, Roman bit the dust, Salome's the traitor (c'mon who hasn't figured that out yet?) and Russell back in tip top bad ass shape. It's not like we didn't see this coming, what with Eric's "enough of this religious bullshit" comment foreshadowing some type of upheaval within the Authority's ranks and all. Oh, and screw you Eric for trying to keep us from seeing some Sookie/Alcide boudoir action. But moving on...

Picking up where last week's "Let's Boot and Rally" left off, the gang finds Russell Edgington lying in bed, weakened but not surprised by their presence. Alcide gets attacked by a fellow wolf, later revealed to be wannabe pack master and Marcus's Daddy JD, amped up on V, while Bill and Eric are jumped by two other wolves. Russell, feeling frisky at the smell of vampire crack coursing through Miss Stackhouse's veins, gets ready to sink  his fangs into her neck when Sookie, growing ever more adept at her light fingers (am I the only who just realized the fairies' "light beams" look eerily similar to the fireworks Jubilee from X-Men shoots out? Maybe Sookie should invest in a yellow trenchcoat and some red goggles), blasts him back. Russell cackles and flashes a psycho smile like he's really about to bring the pain, but apparently he hasn't gorged on enough humans dangling in the pantry, as Eric easily subdues him (and is stopped from killing him by Bill holding a stake to his back) and the Authority takes him in.

Not hip to Sookie's glamour immunity, the chancellor tells Bill and Eric to wipe out her and Alcide's memories of the evening. Bill of course, goes through the motions to save both his own ass and advise Sookie to cut vampires out of her life for good, while Eric cups Alcide's face in his hands (damn I was hoping a kiss was coming--I mean, he already walked in shirtless. We could at least have gotten a little forehead smooch) and glamours away any recollection of the night and his love/lust for Sookie. Sookie helps him remember everything the next day, but judging from her demeanor, there'll be no round two for these two anytime soon: She's off men, supernatural or otherwise, as is clear from her "men suck" pow-wow with Holly and Arlene. She's recognizes her love triangle with Bill and Eric is hopeless (don't worry I'll try to use synonyms) and rife with never-ending chaos. But after learning via Jason and a trip to the Moulin Fairy that her parents were killed by a vampire, she probably won't leave behind the fangers just yet.

The dead parents/fairy blood/vampire revelation was a neat way to connect to Jason back to his sister. Save for Andy and the occasional visit from Jessica, he's been solo much of this season, getting all introspective and whatnot. Sookie and Jason haven't gotten into any trouble together since the "praise His Light" fiasco of season two, so it'll be nice to see the brother/sister duo knee deep in religion-driven vamp drama again.

And oh what drama there will be, now that Roman has met the true death courtesy of Russell, whose little "I kill because it feels good" tirade could be seen as an admission of hopelessness, or hedonistic nihilism. It doesn't matter if the mainstreaming Authority or the sanguista's side wins; it's all just a big song and dance to satisfy each side's cravings, be it for power or human blood. The Authority has no bones about killing humans/other supernaturals if they can cover it up (see Doug and the rest of bus riders getting slaughtered for confirmation). Compared this, Russell's "I kill and feed, therefore I am" mentality seems downright idealistic.

Obviously Roman's downfall was a set up by Salome, who was in no hurry to see Russell executed; that techie chick takes too much pride in her job to have her stake app malfunction all willy nilly. While the writers didn't make the most of Chris Meloni's talents--he basically spent the whole time pontificating and praying--they at least had the foresight to let his last appearance be in tight, body hugging clothing. Did you see him in those slacks? Lawd. Now it's only a matter of time before Salome reveals her true colors, but my bet is on Eric to put two and two together first; you can't con a con. Plus the sight of his Nora babbling like a nutjob probably drove home that his sister's not in the best mental shape to pull such a scheme off.

Russell's return has also shaken up things in the werewolf world, as Alcide, not wanting a repeat of the insanity in Jackson, asserts himself as pack master. Expect a bloody brawl between him and JD, as well as some hot post-fight sex between him and the brunette who backed him up, soon. If you wanted to, you could see Alcide's decision to become leader of the pack as the big bad wolf realizing it's futile to run from your destiny, one that ironically, Marcus predicted. It will find you whether you want it to or not. Alcide's always be an alpha male in loner's clothing; now he's simply taking his rightful place as leader. Let me stop before I start singing The Circle of Life.

In shifter news, both Luna and Sam survived the shooting. Curses--honestly, Luna dying would give Sam's buddy cop routine with Andy a whole other layer of resonance, since he would be avenging himself, their friends and his girlfriend. Aside from the fact I don't what else there is for Luna to do on this show. Grandma could've taken in Emma, being that JD's out cheating with young wolf hussies. I guess Alan Ball has a soft spot for her. But I digress.

In human news, Hoyt's still sad and suicidal, letting everybody and their blood-sucking Mama feed on him at Fangtasia.And he's still not over Jessica, whose sorta kinda almost over him. Perhaps her girl fight with Tara was a reaction to sensing Hoyt's pain/excitement at being bitten? Either way, she still sees that he's going down a self-destructive road. It's not that shocking Hoyt's given up; he's always had lived his life totally attached to someone else. First he was the ultimate mama's boy, then he idolized Jason, and then Jessica became his whole world. Now that he has no one to lose himself in, he's lost. There couldn't have been a worse time for him to be picked up by the anti-supernatural vigilante van. Jessica better watch her back, because he might try to finish what Maxine started with that sniper rifle.

Other Notes:

---Lafayette visits Ruby Jean at the home, thinking she had a seizure. But what she really saw was Jesus's head, telling her he's in bad place with his crazy uncle. How exactly Lafayette will save him is anyone's guess, but at least we got to see Ruby serve up some nutty lines ("Jesus loves the little fags"--hmmm I must have missed that verse in the Baptist hymnal). To me, Lafayette feels disconnected from every else on the show--now that Sookie's confessed to Alcide about Debbie's murder and Tara's a vampire, his character is very isolated. I don't know if continuing the brujo storyline was a wise choice.

---Speaking of dead-end storylines, I don't how the writers are gonna get out of the corner they painted themselves into with Terry and Patrick's Ifrit plot. Is Terry suddenly going to become an all-powerful warlock who can cast a counter-spell or incantation to banish the fire demon back into the nether realm from whence it came? Or will Lafayette draw on his brujo magic and send Ifrit packing? I really hope it's not the latter, as Lafayette and Terry had barely spoken two words to each other this season,or really any season since Mary Ann swooped down on Bon Temps with her maenad madness. But the former doesn't sound that promising either. --Pam and Tara are going to come to blows sooner or later. Trust me. A progeny revolt is in the works.

So what did you think of "Hopeless"? Discuss.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lesbian Couple Sues To Stop Deportation

A California lesbian couple has filed a class-action federal lawsuit to stop the deportation of gay spouses.

"The suit, filed on behalf of Philippines citizen Jane DeLeon, adds to the list of recent cases in support of immigrants in same-sex marriages who would qualify for legal status if not for the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

DeLeon, an accounting clerk, is eligible for a green card but needs a waiver to show that the separation would cause extreme hardship to an American citizen spouse or parent.

Her application for a waiver was denied last year because DOMA prevents the U.S. government from recognizing her marriage to Irma Rodriguez, an American citizen.

The Irvine-based couple married in California in 2008 during the nearly five-month window when same-sex marriage was legal in the state."


Friday, July 13, 2012

WATCH: Teaser For Madonna's 'Turn Up The Radio' Video

The teaser for "Turn Up The Radio," the third single from Madonna's MDNA, has dropped. Madge looks gorgeous and it looks stylishly shot, but I hope the clip consists of more than her riding around in cars with hot boys. "Turn Up The Radio," is an poppy, in-your-face kinda track, so the visuals should be the same.

But if she is riding shotgun the whole way, she betta bring her sex kitten/cougar A-game a la rubbing her butt up against Austin Powers in "Beautiful Stranger", 'cause Gwen's still got that shit on lock. Watch below.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank You For Being A Super Golden Friend...

Oh will you!

Someone had the genius idea to reimagine the Super Friends as Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia, a.k.a. The Super Heroines. IT IS. AWESOME. Adult Swim should run with this idea immediately. Watch below.

Virginia Gay Couple Allowed At Athletic Club

After filing a lawsuit against Roanoke Athletic Club when they revoked their membership, gay couple Will Trinkle and partner Juan Granados, along with their two year-old, will be welcome with open arms. The Virginia-based club has changed its policies to offer "household"memberships.

According to the club's Facebook page:
"A household consists of a primary member and up to one additional household member that permanently lives in the household, and any of their dependent children under the age of 22 who also reside in the household on a permanent basis...Club dues will not change; dues for the Household Membership will be the same as the Family Membership it is replacing."

Interesting that the club would amend its policy after facing a lawsuit no? Money talks. Trinkle told ABC news the experience was like "someone [punching] us in the stomach. It's from a place we couldn't imagine that there would be this kind of discrimination and this kind of attack. We have come a long way but this shows we still have a long way to go."


A Deafening Silence...

If you have time--.hell if you don't, make time--read actress/author/trans activist Alexandra Billings' Huffington Post piece, which details her harrowing date rape at 22, the harsh or virtually non-existent treatment trans women face from police when they attempt to report sexual assault and how the "T" in the LGBT community is often ignored:

"Suddenly, and without warning, I felt his hand on my shoulder. He turned me quickly toward him, and kissed me. The kiss was hard and almost painful. He then put his hands around my waist and pulled me toward him. I tried to get free, but the more I struggled, the tighter his grip became. My heart began to race in a way I'd never felt before, and my body went into a hyper-speed panic that I felt in the pit of my stomach. I knew I was in terrible, terrible trouble...Dan's eyes were red and huge and they glared at me with a rage and an anger that filled up the room. As I wriggled and tried to squirm away, before I knew it, he was on top of me, pinning down my wrists and spreading my thighs. And as he came close to me again, with his mouth near my neck, he felt between my legs, and popped his head up

"You...?!" was all I heard.

His breath got hotter and closer to me, and he flipped me over on my stomach and began tearing at my dress.

I was raped that night.

I never went to the police and I never told another living soul. None of my friends knew, no one I worked with, and no family member ever found out. I kept this in me for almost 20 years. It was 1983, and being what I was, was not only against the law in Illinois, it was unheard of. I remember once, a girlfriend of mine was being chased by her boyfriend who was coming at her with a kitchen knife, and when she found a parked police car; out of breath and near hysterics, told them what she was running from, and the two cops laughed and told her to "act like a man." So, I knew deep down that going to the police was useless."

Read the rest HERE.

Monday, July 9, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Ep. 5 'Let's Boot And Rally'

As always, spoilers are ahead. Now onward into the jaws of death...

First things first. Damn you Sookie Stackhouse. Damn you for not being able to hold your liquor long enough to let us see some long overdue Alcide sex. Damn you for not popping a breath mint, brushing your teeth and switching rooms. Damn you to a hell of involuntary celibacy. *Sips tea, takes a deep breath*.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the rest of last night's episode, entitled "Let's Boot and Rally." Accepting and owning one's own power or inner darkness seemed to be an underlying theme, as all the characters were confronted with the true nature of their existence, and chose to either embrace or run from it.

After Sookie cleans up (and I'm assuming Alcide at least wiped his boots off--Sookie's vomit can't be as precious as her fairy vagina), she, Eric, Bill and Alcide convene in the kitchen to confront the latest supernatural crisis. Ironically, it's the same location she had a menage-a-bite with the two in a dream sequence back in season four.

The waking reality though, couldn't be further from the old Hollywood glamour vibe of her fantasy. And Sookie, still tipsy but perceptive about the mess her life has become since she struck up a conversation with "Vampire Bill," knows it. It doesn't matter if she breaks up with Bill and Eric or runs away from a barren fairyland. The vamp drama will never stop, because there will always be some new danger that wants to kill her, drain her, make love to her, or all three. And for the moment, Sookie seems to accept that--but we'll see how resigned to her lot in life she is once the peach Snapps wear off and the hangover sets in. On a side note, kudos to the writers and Anna Paquin for playing drunk the whole time--usually in TV a character is sloppy drunk one minute then stone cold sober a second later.

Anyway, Sookie and the boys set off to find the wiza--I mean Russell Edgington--and kill him so Bill and Eric can live to see another midnight. Using Alcide's glamoured underling as their guide, they explore what looks like an abandoned hospital. Through visions Sookie sees the vampire who freed Russell wore a pendant--the exact same pendant Eric's sister-maker-in-law Nora wears. Bill and Eric snipe at each other over this revelation, with Bill saying Nora sold them out in order to strike up a deal with Russell. Eric denies his accusations, but it's hard to believe he may not had let something slip during one of their...championship rounds. Unless Russell psychically communicated with her or something. After peeking around dark corners, spotting dead bodies being eaten by rats and dissing NYC ("It smells like pee and the people are rude," Eric snaps), they find Russell laying under tattered sheets in a decrepit room, looking more or less like his old self. At first it looks like an easy assassination, until Alcide gets side swiped by some creature, most likely one of Russell's juiced werewolves.

If I had to pick a traitor to the mainstreaming cause, it would Salome. For one, Nora is too obvious a choice; she's a hardcore sanguista, one who's a bit too fanatical about her beliefs. A coup as complicated as this requires some first-class deception and detachment. Secondly, if she sold out anyone it was Drew, who probably served as a fall guy so Roman wouldn't suspect Salome of treachery. Salome has been the one encouraging Roman to ease up on his hard line approach, evening telling him to throw the fundamentalists a bone. Since her suggestions have fallen on deaf ears, perhaps posing as Nora and freeing Russell are her own way of bringing down the Authority. We shall see.

While Sookie is learning to accept her danger-on-the doorstep lifestyle, Lafayette is fighting his inner brujo tooth and nail. After being mocked by religious knick knacks on his shelf (who knew the Virgin Mary was so shady?), he begs Jesus to give him a sign. Which in this case means waking up to the sight of his Jesus's head staring back at him with his mouth stitched up, mumbling incoherently. Lucky for Lafayette, his schizo mother Ruby Dee can speak severed head, and as soon as that white bitch say, "I'll be right back" you can bet she'll bust out of the home and tell him the good news.

The other half of the Reynolds-Thorton clan isn't faring much better. From the first shot of her sashaying through Fangtasia radiating post-mortem fabulousness, it looks like Tara may actually be at peace with her new life as a vampire. And like she's taking hand-me downs from Pam's closet. But wouldn't we all? Though after watching them interact for five seconds, it's clear Pam and Tara's progeny-maker relationship probably won't be marked by a century of killing, fucking and laughing. Instead Tara's a bartender, taking orders from blood-thirsty and/or horny customers and her boss--also Pam--which wasn't much different from Merlotte's. At least she and Sam got to have some after hours fun. And if the preview of next week's episode is any indication, Pam and Tara won't be doing each other's hair anytime soon.

Jessica, who walked in while Pam choked out Tara for feeding on a human in plan sight, orders a drink and the two commiserate on baby vampire troubles. You know, wanting to rip the head off every human head you see and craving blood all the time. The girl-talk finally loosens Tara up a bit--it may be the first time she's smiled this season--and something in Jessica's "you're young, you're hot, you're immortal, own it" pep talk clicks with her. Perhaps a little too much, as Jessica finds her feeding on Hoyt in the ladies room (did anyone else pick up on how Tara's "go home to your Mama" comment to Hoyt was almost identical to Pam's "does your mama know you're here" snipe to Jason back in season one?) and the two start to go at it. If Maxine could only see him now.

In shape-shifter news, Sam reports his fellow shifters' murders to the police. After leaving the crime scene he heads to Luna's to break the news and probably to engage in another boring talk about Emma, their relationship or whatever other limited topics of conversation these two always wind up gabbing about. But a curveball gets thrown when a truckload of masked vigilantes drive up and shoot the both of them, with Emma managing to escape. My guess is that Sam will live and Luna will bite it, and Sam will become an adoptive dad. Let's face it, what else can the show's writers do with her?

Although it's pretty clear from the preview trailer who's behind the supernatural murders, they have sparked a new streak of anti-vamp sentiment in Jason, who assumes the wounds on the shifters' necks come from vampires. The same ones he saw on his parents as they bled into the breakfast cereal during after a trippy fairy-inspired flashback involving Conan The Barbarian and some awesome 80's pajamas. Throughout the series, Jason has vacillated between pro and anti-vampire, and now he's drifting firmly to the latter. It'll be interesting to see how his relationships with Jessica, and Tara, change. Oh, and the shot of his naked butt almost made up for not seeing Alcide's. Almost.

In other human news, Terry and his fellow solders' misdeeds are fully revealed. Terry and Patrick are tied up in the basement by their shell-shocked comrade Eller, as he tells them how it was a fire demon named Ifrit, not him, who caused the other soldiers in their units' homes to burn down. Terri flashes back to Iraq, where after killing an entire family, he finds a woman is still alive and able to be saved. Patrick pulls rank and instructs him to kill her, but not before she goes all Drag Me To Helland places a curse on them that Ifrit will destroy them and everything they love.

Out of all the scenes in this episode, watching Terry and company set the pile of bodies on fire was the most horrific, if only because some soldiers' disrespect for civilian casualties is only too real. The flashback reminds Terry of the demon he saw, and he persuades Eller to let him go. Patrick however, thinks his confession was a trick, knocks out Eller and ties him up. Terry tries to convince him that Ifrit is coming for them, but to no avail. Hopefully things turn out better for them than Eller, who gets swallowed up by the demon in the basement.

Will Terry and Patrick meet the same fate as Eller? Will Jason join the anti-supernatural vigilante assassination squad? Is Salome the true traitor to the Authority? What secrets does Jesus's head hold?

I don't know, but I don't remember being this excited at any point in season four.

So what did you think of "Let's Boot And Rally?" Discuss.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Big Payback...I've Been Published!

The first part of my plan for literary domination has been set in motion....I've been published ya'll! I didn't get paid, but it's a start. I can feel it!

After submitting short stories to literary mags for months and opening e-mails that begin with "we thank you for your submission but..." my short story "The Payback," has finally been published in the July issue of Forge Journal. The print edition--which I definitely plan on buying-- isn't available yet, but you can read the story over at Forge Journal's website.

"The Payback," is loosely based on me and a friend's experience of being gay-bashed years ago. Without giving too much away, it basically explores the darker revenge impulses I felt that night towards the guys who jumped us. Writing this story was extremely cathartic for me; in the past I've blogged about what happened and the aftermath in great detail, and thought all the negative feelings had passed.

But for some reason while writing the old anger and hate crept back in. At first I hesitated to to channel it, for lack of a better word; that night was only time in my life where I can say I truly felt angry enough to kill someone. I thought it could be too much, or too unbelievable, for people to wrap their head around the motivation for the characters' actions. But describing what I wanted to do to that night and "going there," at least mentally, helped me to finally let go of it all. I guess I needed to purge those feelings as much I needed to talk about the sadness, confusion and humiliation. I'm happy that I had the nerve to follow my instincts. Being published is just the cherry on the sundae.

Since we're talking about writing and such, I may as well spill the tea on my other literary efforts. I have a short story entitled "The Hookup"--you can guess what that's about--that's in the can and has been submitted to a short story writing contest, and finished up the first draft of another short piece that's a peek into the everyday life of an older gay couple a few weeks ago. I have some notes typed out in an e-mail draft for another short story but haven't gotten around to putting fingers to keyboard just yet.

On the novel front, I've begun revising the first draft of the LGBT adult fiction novel about three college friends and their dramatic last semester I finished a few months back.The editing process is going smoothly, albeit a bit slowly--it can be tough sometimes to think objectively about my words. Anyone who's written anything can relate to this: you just can't bear to part with that (at least in your mind) genius turn of phrase or glorious metaphor or unforgettable quote by a character that will have readers bowing down and calling you the second coming of James Baldwin. However, I'm getting better at trimming the fat, and posting things on Scribophile certainly helps with that--those folks don't mince words. The title is still undecided at this point, but I'm already turning over a few cover/book trailer ideas in my head--I may be a ways from being a on a bookshelf or on, but I got plans for this baby. I may also turn "The Hookup" into a full-fledged novel or novella, but still need to plan out the plot more.

My fantasy novel The Omega Squad: The Kidara Chronicleshas fallen by the wayside at the moment, partly due to my focus on the other novel/short stories and partly due to procrastination, but I'll pick it up again eventually. Cliche as it may sound, there is something fun and liberating about creating a whole new world with it's own rules and realities and letting your weirdo flag fly lol. And I'm still blogging here of course, as well as and for my music site Indies and The Underground, which is part of The Truth About Music. Also, be sure to look out for another op-ed piece for African Americans for Humanism's blog in the next month or two.

Anyway that's what happening with me on the creative front. For all my other writers, musicians, painters and  creative folks, where are you currently at on your endeavors? Are you looking to get published, signed etc., or are you happy for you pursuits to remain a hobby?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

WATCH: P!nk Announces New Album

In a short clip, P!nk, serving us some serious Ivy from Soul Caliber-style makeup and platinum hair, unveils that her new album, The Truth About Love, will drop on September 18. The album's first single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss) was released on iTunes on July 2. Watch the clip and listen to the song below.

Sketch Released Of Suspect In Texas Lesbian Couple Shooting

A sketch of the suspect (pictured above) of the double shooting of a young lesbian couple in Texas has been released. According to, last week a witness came forward with information on the shooting of 18-Mollie Olgin and 19-year-old Mary Kristene Chapa, both of whom were shot in the head in a Portland park.

Olgin died at the scene, while Chapa is still in critical condition but has regained consciousness. The suspect is described as a "white male in his 20s with dark hair," and is estimated to be 5-foot-8 and weigh about 140 pounds.

Olgin and Chapa had been together since February and had stopped in the park before going to a movie when they were shot. The two were found in knee-high grass at Violet Andrews Park with no signs the shooting was a hate crime.

The couple's shooting has sparked vigils in New York, San Diego and El Paso. Chapa's family has also opened up a fundraising page for donations to help with her medical expenses.

Virgina Gay Couple And Toddler Turned Away From Pool

Who knew "the gay" could spread by taking a dip in a pool--or allowing your child too? At least that's what may be on the minds of administrators of The Roanoke Athletic Club. After applying for a family membership for his partner Juan Granados and their two-year-old son and being approved, Will Trinkle was told thanks but no thanks after the club discovered they were a gay couple.

"Once club administrators discovered that Trinkle and Granados were a gay couple, their membership was rescinded nine days after being approved. Club officials said the application was processed by mistake since same-sex couples are not recognized by the state of Virginia, and that the club was tightening its policies, so gay families would ever "get as far" as they had.

"We were really surprised. It's like someone punched us in the stomach," Trinkle said, according to "We couldn't imagine this kind of discrimination."

The family is now suing the club and its affiliate Carilion Clinic for breach of contract and violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, according to the Associated Press."


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Frank Ocean Comes Out

Being that it's Independence Day, Frank Ocean chose an apt occasion to come out. As rumors swirled about his sexuality, the singer released a personal letter confirming that his first love was a man. After a listening party for his debut album Channel Orange, caused more speculation, Ocean took to Tumblr to address the rumors.

"4 summers ago, I met somebody [sic]," the New Orleans native wrote. "I was 19 years old. He was too... Sleep I would often share with him. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless... It was my first love, It changed my life."

He went on to describe how he shared his feelings with the male love interest, inside the same Nissan Maxima he drove to L.A. in to follow his dreams. However, the sentiments at the time weren't reciprocated.

"I sat there and told my friend how I felt," the Odd Future affiliate admitted. "I wept as the words left my mouth... He patted my back. He said kind things. He did his best, but he wouldn't admit the same... He wouldn't tell me the truth about his feelings for me for another 3 years."

Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator and member Earl Sweatshirt both offered support for their brethren. "My Big Brother Finally Fucking Did That. Anyway. Im A Toilet." he posted light-heartedly to Twitter. "Proud Of That N---- Cause I Know That Shit Is Difficult Or Whatever." Sweatshirt tweeted, "Proud of frank."'

Good for Frank Ocean for coming out and being honest. Now if Miguel would peek out behind those snatched eyebrows....I kid, I kid. Or do I?

Read the rest HERE.

Monday, July 2, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Ep. 4 'We'll Meet Again'

As always, spoilers lie ahead. There will be no opposition to our just cause...

The reality of impending death often makes one reflective, and, as Alan Ball has hammered home to us time and time again over the last five seasons, vampires, weres, shifters, and other creatures of the night aren't any different than humans when staring headlong into the darkness of their own obliteration. In "We'll Meet Again," it seemed all of the bloodsuckers we've come to know and love/loathe/lust were either leaving the nest, starting to build their own, or marveling at how much the kids have grown. You know, new bonds being strengthened, old ones being broken and all.

But first, let's tackle what could've been this episode's subtitle: Everybody Hates Sookie (cue Everybody Hates Chris theme song. Or snap your fingers to a little Everybody Loves Raymond jazz licks if that's more your style). Anyway, in the last three episodes, Sookie has manage to get on the bad side of Tara, Alcide,  Arlene, Holly, Andy, and pretty much anyone who isn't a blood relative (which at this point leaves just Jason) or hasn't come into contact with her for more than five minutes (Jessica). Now Lafayette can add his name to list, after Sookie tried to pull one over on him about Alcide already knowing she killed Debbie and failing miserably, just as she did when she tried to play dumb about Tara's transformation.

Girl don't you know? These are Lettie Mae and Ruby Dee's kids. They're super sleuths at sniffing out bullshit. And what you're pushing is the Grade A USDA kind. Lafayette proceeds to read Sookie's "peach pie ass" for filth, reminding her of all the times her covered for her but couldn't count her when the tables were turned. Calling her "the angel of death" was the cherry on the sundae--I guess she and Sydney Prescott have that in common. Sookie tries to put on her strong face at work, but everyone's judgmental thoughts overwhelm her. It doesn't help that Lafayette, still pissed over her betrayal, unconsciously summons Jesus's brujo magic and goes all Christine on her ride, turning the car into a self-accelerating death trap.

It's enough to make a girl get plastered, which is exactly what Sookie does once she gets home. Her decision to get liquored up is unexpected, but not totally unsurprising; given all of the supernatural insanity and near-death experiences she's lived through since Bill walked into Merlotte's that first night, it's a miracle she doesn't have her fingers permanently wrapped around a brown bag. Lafayette calls to both see if she's still alive and tell her his dead boyfriend's dark magic possessed him and made him want to kill her (talk about awkward), but a drunk Sookie slurs she's fine. Besides, she's got Alcide to comfort her. Plus he cleared her name by telling Debbie's parents she was killed by Marcus, who's conveniently can't corroborate because he's dead too. Alcide has every right to be angry with Sookie, but perhaps the half-confession softened him up by making Debbie out to be an innocent victim instead of  a shotgun-wielding killer amped up on V, he both preserved her parents' memory of their daughter and sullied his own reputation, since he promised them he would die to protect her. He did what he thought was right and he's hated for it. Maybe he can empathize with Sooks's situation.

Either way, one drink leads to another, which leads to friendly teasing, which leads to making out on Sookie's couch. Seriously, what supernatural male hasn't had a dry humping session on that sofa? Unfortunately the camera cuts away before we get any shirtless Alcide action, which I hope they pick up with next week--they better not deny us this moment like they did Pam and Eric's consummation. It's just as well, as Bill and Eric are watching the whole spectacle and are none too pleased. Prompted by Jessica to check up on Sookie, the two, particularly Bill, are still fixated enough on her to stop by. The sight of the big bad wolf's paws all over her drains whatever concern they may have had. They still need to find Russell Edgington to save their own skin though, so Sookie could prove useful, whether she wants to be or not, Bill says coldly. It's watershed moment in the trio's relationship.

Of course, Bill has Tara to thank for his new attitude. She may not be speaking to her cousin, but she and Lafayette have the same feelings about Sookie; that she'll always survive whatever calamity comes her way, but only because there's always someone willing to take a bullet, or dump a dead body or walk in the sun or threaten to kill their beloved progeny for her. The angel of death will take whatever she can get.

Then again, the supernaturals--well the full-fledged supernaturals anyway--seem to be closing ranks, turning to each other for emotional comfort. For Bill and Eric, who are may be staked at any moment, this means setting their children free. In a touching scene, Eric, after heated fight in which he accuses Pam of setting Russell Edgington free, recognizes that this may be end for him, and wants her to leave him, so that their bloodline can continue. It's a key moment for Pam as well; she could've chosen to cling to Eric and remain the bitchy side-kick, but instead recognizes it's time for her to grow up. No longer belonging to anyone, she can now be a better maker to Tara, commanding her to put a stop to her suicidal tendencies and schooling her on the ins and outs of dining on humans. Ahh, they grow up so fast.

The maker-progeny connection is alive and well in Bill and Jessica as well. When he holds her face in his hands before leaving his mansion, he almost looks like a proud father getting ready to walk his daughter down the aisle. Though it's notable that Bill doesn't tell the whole truth about his situation the way Eric does with Pam; then again, their relationship has always been strictly father-daughter rather than lover-father-daughter. Salome may not have made Nora, but the way she holds her after swearing a blood oath shows their relationship has been a mentor and protege one as well. Though I doubt she could save the young chancellor from meeting the true death if push came to shove; Roman staked the boy-vamp sanguista traitor at a council meeting like he was making A positive shish kabobs. Someone clearly doesn't love the kids. Not to mention the sight of Chris Meloni's face splattered with blood was one of the most genuinely creepy moments True Bloodhas had in a minute.

The fairies are intent on protecting their own kind as well. Last week I moaned about the return of the Tinkerbells. But if the new storyline involves more trips to the fae burlesque bar (choreography! Cirque Du Soleil! Private lap dances!), bombshells that Jason and Sookie's parents were killed by vamps and blasts of white light to the face when Jason and Andy get rowdy, things may be alright after all. This isn't any season four, second-rate SyFy channel outakes stuff; these fairies aren't messing around. In shape-shifter news, Sam's story line took a mysterious turn when, after his old shifter buddies show up at Merlotte to invite him out to a group therapy session, he discovers them dead with bullet holes in their skulls later that night. Could it be more werewolf trouble? Marcus's mama on a psycho killing streak? It's hard to know who'd in Bon Temp would go on a rather shifter-killing spree at this point. But hey, it beats sitting through more heart-to-hearts on Luna's lumpy couch.

In human news, we finally get the full story behind Terry's Iraq War flashbacks. Apparently he and the boys decided to tie one on by drinking and popping....well, let's go with shrooms. That's trippy enough. While admiring the bombs bursting in air, Terry and Patrick's former buddy turned arsonist shoots an Iraqi civilian, leading to a bloodbath that ends with what looks like an entire family's corpses laid out on the ground. And judging from the padded cell-worthy wall sketches and his greeting at gun point, this guy doesn't seem all that big on listening to reason. Hoyt was no where to be found, but until they give him a new emotion to work with I don't see the point of giving him screen time.

So what did you think of "We'll Meet Again?" Discuss.
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