Mike Huckabee Equates Gay Scout Leaders With Child Molesters

You can always count on the sun to shine, rain to fall and Mike Huckabee to spout a big 'ol barrel of BS. While voicing his support for the Boy Scouts' ban on gay members, the one-time presidential candidate compared gay people to child molesters.

"You make us all understand why the Boy Scouts made a decision that at least I think was the right one," he told the caller.

"Tim" said he had been repeatedly abused and offered a theory on what caused it. "I believe homosexuals try to target groups like that to get a leadership area in," the caller said. "If there hadn't been a homosexual in my troop, I wouldn't have been traumatized for about three years."

Huckabee shared that the leader of his own childhood scout troop had molested other boys. "We didn't even know what a homosexual was in those days," he said."

Listen to the madness below.