Friday, July 25, 2014

LOOK: Chris Meloni's Package

Just when you thought Friday couldn't get any better. Chris Meloni--owner of the self-proclaimed best ass in primetime--posted a picture of his pup on Facebook. But I'm pretty sure he knows we're not looking at the pooch, but the package.

Down boys.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Satirical Comedy 'Bootycandy' Explores Black Gay Experience

Got Bootycandy? Sorry, couldn't resist. Playwright Horizons will present the New York premiere of Bootycandy, the satirical comedy by out playwright Robert O'Hara about a black gay man's journey of sexual self-discovery.

The play, which will also be directed by O'Hara, will begin performances on August 22 before officially opening on September 10 for a limited engagement through October 12 at off-Broadway's Playwrights Horizons Mainstage Theater.

Out actor Phillip James Brannon (pictured above) will star as Sutter, who embarks "on an outrageous odyssey through his childhood home, his church, dive bars, motel rooms and even nursing homes," according to press notes about the production. "A kaleidoscope of sketches that interconnect to portray growing up gay and black, Robert O'Hara's subversive, uproarious satire crashes headlong into the murky terrain of pain and pleasure and… Bootycandy."

Sounds interesting. For tickets and more information about the play, visit

Anti-Gay Bakery Provides Cakes For Ex-Gay Ministry

Ain't this 'bout Oregon bakery that made national headlines after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple is now kicking out goodies for an ex-gay organization.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa posted a Facebook pic of cakes (see some of their handiwork above) commissioned for Restored Hope, a religious organization that advocates reparative, or "ex-gay" therapy, with a caption that read "Cakes For Restored Hope Network. What a wonderful ministry!"

Restore Hope is helmed by "ex-lesbian" Anne Paulk--whose ex-husband John Paulk recently came out as gay again, if you haven't been up on the "ex-gay" tea--who recently claimed that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is linked to “any government (state or federal) that encourages men to have sex with other men and does not allow those with unwanted same-sex attraction to receive talk therapy." If you say so hon.

As for Sweet Cakes, it appears owner Aaron Klein is mighty selective as to what offends his religious sensibilities. Gay couples are a no no, but the bakery is happy to bake goods to celebrate divorces, babies born out of wedlock, stem cell research and a pagan solstice--complete with pentagram. 

#Hashtag Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

Marissa Alexander Denied Hearing, Still Faces 60 Years In Prison

A judge has ruled against giving Marissa Alexander a new "Stand Your Ground" hearing. Back in 2012, Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot during a fight with her abusive husband. The conviction was later overturned on appeal.

According to Salon, Alexander's defense team "argued that her case warranted another hearing because there was new evidence—including expert testimony on battered woman syndrome and Gray’s history of domestic violence—to introduce. Circuit Judge James Daniel, however, found on Friday that “the basic outlines of her claim and [Gray’s] claim have not changed at all.” He also ruled that the recent addition of a “warning shot” provision to Florida’s “Stand your ground” law could not be applied retroactively."

"Stand your ground" allows a person to fire a weapon if there is "reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm to himself or herself." Alexander currently faces three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. State Attorney Angela Corey is seeking a 60-year-sentence. The case is now set to be retried.

You Know I Met You In The Summer...

How's your summer been going?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Christian Univ. Expels Lesbian Student For Getting Married

A student at a Christian college in Oklahoma has been expelled for marrying her female partner, just one semester before she was scheduled to graduate., citing Religion News Service, reports that 22-year-old Christian Minard says "a letter came to her parents’ home last Wednesday from Southwestern Christian University saying she was no longer welcome at the school because her relationship violated the “lifestyle covenant” all students must sign, which prohibits, among other things, “homosexual behavior.”

Minard, who married girlfriend Kadyn Parks back in March in New Mexico, said school officials became aware of her marriage recently through Facebook. Minard said while she is aware she violated the university's covenant, she believes it is applied inconsistently.

“Students violate parts of that covenant all the time, but they don’t get expelled,” she told Religion News Service. “I didn’t even get a hearing, just a letter to my parents.”

Now Minard has to find another school to attend--a situation exacerbated by the fact no other schools in the area offer her degree program--or may have to begin paying back student loans. University officials have declined to comment.

Watch the CNN report below (and ignore the ignorant comments if you watch it on the clip's YouTube page).

LOOK: Photos of R&B Divas Monifah Carter's Hawaii Wedding

Singer/actress and R&B Divas star Monifah has released photos of her wedding to girlfriend Terez Thorpe. The couple married back in February in Honolulu, and the ceremony was featured on a June 25 episode of R&B Divas: Atlanta, becoming the first televised wedding of a black lesbian couple in the U.S.

View a few more pics after the jump...

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted...

If you been wondering where the hell I've been the last four or five days (and I hope you were--the superficial side of me needs validation from strangers lmao), I was down in the Big Easy with the boyfriend and a few friends.

A little bit of shopping, sight seeing, eating out and drinking. Despite a minor snafu when we tried to see Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, a good time was had.

Monday Man Candy

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