Monday, July 14, 2014

Christian Univ. Expels Lesbian Student For Getting Married

A student at a Christian college in Oklahoma has been expelled for marrying her female partner, just one semester before she was scheduled to graduate., citing Religion News Service, reports that 22-year-old Christian Minard says "a letter came to her parents’ home last Wednesday from Southwestern Christian University saying she was no longer welcome at the school because her relationship violated the “lifestyle covenant” all students must sign, which prohibits, among other things, “homosexual behavior.”

Minard, who married girlfriend Kadyn Parks back in March in New Mexico, said school officials became aware of her marriage recently through Facebook. Minard said while she is aware she violated the university's covenant, she believes it is applied inconsistently.

“Students violate parts of that covenant all the time, but they don’t get expelled,” she told Religion News Service. “I didn’t even get a hearing, just a letter to my parents.”

Now Minard has to find another school to attend--a situation exacerbated by the fact no other schools in the area offer her degree program--or may have to begin paying back student loans. University officials have declined to comment.

Watch the CNN report below (and ignore the ignorant comments if you watch it on the clip's YouTube page).

LOOK: Photos of R&B Divas Monifah Carter's Hawaii Wedding

Singer/actress and R&B Divas star Monifah has released photos of her wedding to girlfriend Terez Thorpe. The couple married back in February in Honolulu, and the ceremony was featured on a June 25 episode of R&B Divas: Atlanta, becoming the first televised wedding of a black lesbian couple in the U.S.

View a few more pics after the jump...

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted...

If you been wondering where the hell I've been the last four or five days (and I hope you were--the superficial side of me needs validation from strangers lmao), I was down in the Big Easy with the boyfriend and a few friends.

A little bit of shopping, sight seeing, eating out and drinking. Despite a minor snafu when we tried to see Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, a good time was had.

Monday Man Candy

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Like A Messiah: Hopes For Madonna's New Album

Okay, so I don't HOW I could've missed this--blame my studio rat tendencies--but Madonna has shared a teaser clip of a new song tentatively titled "Messiah," on her Instagram.

Madge has been spilling tea on her new album--posting in-the-studio photos with DJ/producers Avicii, S1 and Diplo, as well as songwriters Natalia Kills and Mozella (who's written for Miley Cyrus), sharing snippets of new, club-oriented tracks under pseudonyms--for months (for a full breakdown/conspiracy theory, check out this article over at Vulture). However, the short clip of "Messiah" is our first aural evidence she's been putting in work in the lab. Take a listen below:

 Given her collaborators, it's pretty likely this new set of tunes will be uber electronic, four-on-floor ear-drum busters. However, while I love to take it the club as much as the next queen, I do hope the new album has a balance of both uptempo ravers, midtempo cuts and ballads. MDNA had its share of quieter moments--"Love Spent," Masterpiece" and "Falling Free" come to mind --but those gems were relegated to the back end of the album in favor of lesser numbers like "Some Girls" and "I Don't Give A...," either of which could have been swapped it out for "Beautiful Killer," a bonus cut. Hmmm, maybe the problem wasn't so much the tracks as it was the sequencing.

Another crucial element that will help the album's case? Single choice, specifically the first single. "Gimme All Your Luvin'" was a cute, surf pop-style song; but next to a monster like "I'm Addicted," it should have been a no brainer as a first single, one that should be followed by "Turn Up The Radio and then the aforementioned "Love Spent" or "I'm A Sinner." Song quality notwithstanding, singles, like videos, are essentially promo for the album.

And really, if Madonna truly wants to set fire to the rain chart-wise, or at least have a fighting chance, she has got to promote. I'm talkin' debut album, fresh out of Danceteria with dark roots and a blond dye job, doing track dates then cruising for Latino boys afterward-type promotion. Hell, I'm talking about a Confessions On A Dancefloor blitzkrieg! A few one-off performances, a couple of interviews and a Vanity Fair cover does not a platinum-selling album make. Reclaim your blond ambition.

But what I light candles for the most is that the new album will be what Like A Prayer, Erotica, Ray of Light, and dare I say American Life were: a musically adventurous, ambitious work that, for better or worse, is utterly and completely Madonna, sonically, lyrically and aesthetically. Nevermind sales or singles or promo campaigns. What I want is an album so great I'll beat the brakes off the CD's grooves (yes I still buy CDs!) and videos that'll make me snap in Z-formation.

Mariah's done nothing but disturb my spirit with this elusive chanteuse business, Whitney's gone (or gone on to glory, depending on what you believe) Janet's practically retired, and who knows when Sade will emerge from her mellifluous cocoon and bless us mere mortals with new music--going by her last album-to-album stretch (eight years between '01's Lovers Rock and '09's Soldier of Love) we've got at least another three years to go. That leaves Madonna to hold it down for the old school iconic divas. Don't let me down girl.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WATCH: Rachael Maddow On House GOP, Hobby Lobby Ruling

You know when Rachael Maddow reads, she reads for blood.

Suspect in Trans Woman's Murder Turns Himself In

The shooting death of a trans woman may be closer to being solved after a suspect turned himself in. Quamar Edwards turned himself in today in connection with the murder of 28-year-old Tiffany Edwards (no relation), whose body was found fatally shot in the Cincinnati suburb of Walnut Hills, Ohio on June 26.

Tiffany Edwards is the fourth transgender woman to be murdered in Ohio since January 2013, and the fourth trans woman of color killed during June.

WLWT reports that Quamar Edwards' uncle says his nephew gave Tiffany a ride but "lost his cool" when she "came on to him." So he's using the "gay/trans panic" defense--one that The Advocate notes is discouraged by the American Bar Association and may be banned in California in the near future, if  lawmakers have their way. Pathetic.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Demi Lovato Shows Support For LGBT Rights in "Really Don't Care" Video

Demi Lovato's got a lotta love for "the kids," and shows just how much in her new video for her breakup anthem "Really Don't Care," shot during LA Pride. Watch below.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Love The Nightlife

Here's another one. "Nightlife," a harder edge house cut with shades of Miss Jackson's "Throb" is in the can and ready for your ears. Get into it below:

Two other tracks are still in the works, and after they're mixed and done, so shall the EP, which I'm tentatively calling Bougie Beats, be. I'll probably post teasers of those aforementioned tracks to perk up ya' earbuds instead of the full audio. Mama can't give away all her gravy for free.

I'm also mulling over ideas for a logo to put on stickers and T-shirts, as well as concepts for a cover image for the EP. A photoshoot, possibly for the EP or just general promo pics, will happen once the EP's completely done and I've scratched together a few coins--if only so I don't have to keep using the same photoshopped bathroom pic.

Be on the look out for more music and Afro Sensi updates.
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