Virgina Gay Couple And Toddler Turned Away From Pool

Who knew "the gay" could spread by taking a dip in a pool--or allowing your child too? At least that's what may be on the minds of administrators of The Roanoke Athletic Club. After applying for a family membership for his partner Juan Granados and their two-year-old son and being approved, Will Trinkle was told thanks but no thanks after the club discovered they were a gay couple.

"Once club administrators discovered that Trinkle and Granados were a gay couple, their membership was rescinded nine days after being approved. Club officials said the application was processed by mistake since same-sex couples are not recognized by the state of Virginia, and that the club was tightening its policies, so gay families would ever "get as far" as they had.

"We were really surprised. It's like someone punched us in the stomach," Trinkle said, according to "We couldn't imagine this kind of discrimination."

The family is now suing the club and its affiliate Carilion Clinic for breach of contract and violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, according to the Associated Press."