Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The First Husband....

If the reality of Michele Bachmann becoming a GOP frontrunner for the 2012 election disturbs you and the thought of her becoming president is just too disturbing for you to fathom, this short video of Bachmann's hubby Marcus will provide some much needed levity. To sum it up, chile Ms. Marcus is a good gal! You can just feel the rainbows bursting out of the computer the minute he sashays across the screen. Ironic behavior for a man, who according to some, "ungays" people as part of his therapy. As one commenter on Boy Culture said, "Bachmann may become the first female POTUS but if this video is any indication, we will still have a First Lady." Watch below.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Gay TV Moments: Aunt Viv's Dance Audition

Don't front. No matter how hard or masculine you may act now, you know as a little gay boy you LIVED for Janet Hubert, a.k.a the first Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. No disrespect to Daphne Maxwell Reid (who's actually married to Tim Reid, a.k.a Ray from Sister Sister--chile they were making paper in the 90's! But I digress.), but Hubert killed this role.

Aunt Viv was poised, intelligent, articulate and classy, but could also be sassy, sensual and athletic as well. You knew as soon that hands went on her hips she was about to read Will, Uncle Phil and whoever it was that was working her nerves at the time. But her best moment, the reason why she is the better Viv, came when she decided to return to dancing after a 20-year absence, and proceeded to leave the young girls gagging. Don't act like you didn't hit that snap with her after she finished! Watch below.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

LOOK: True Blood's Joe Manganiello In GQ

True Blood's wall of muscle, a.k.a Joe Manganiello (I pray for a sex scene between him and Eric this season), posed for some hot summer shots in GQ. Look at a few more pics below, and few the rest of session at GQ.

One word: Bulge!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ice Cube Unveils Minority AIDS Art Project

Ice Cube has hooked up with artist Mark Sgarsbossa and Rare Ink for a new art project that will feature limited edition artistic interpretations/murals of the rap veteran's music. The venture's first installment of the autographed pieces was revealed yesterday, and will sold exclusively on A portion of the profits will go to Minority AIDS project.

“Expanding the interaction with fans of my music by offering limited edition, signed artwork that they are able to share and enjoy with their friends and family is something I feel my fans deserve. Not only does RareInk create amazing pieces of art that bring my albums and songs to life but a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Minority AIDS Project, an organization I have worked with over the past two decades,” Cube said of the cause.

According to Necole Bitchie, the project will feature depictions of Cube's best know songs. In the video below, Ice Cube and Sgarsbossa talk about the first mural, an interpretation of "It Was A Good Day." Yay yay indeed.

Randon Jam: Aaliyah "Back And Forth"

It's Friday (Heeeeey!), and I'm in the mood to hear a little Baby Girl. Even though I can't swing, pick up my girls and hit the party scene (work calls lol:). Anyways, listen and let the mid-90's goodness wash over you below.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Omega Squad: The Kidara Chronicles (An Excerpt)

 A few weeks back in the "Share My World" post, I mentioned that I was working on two novels/books/short stories, hell whatever they are right now lol, one of which is a fantasy-based tale about a band of rebels (a.k.a The Omega Squad), fighting against an evil supernatural dictator named Magus Daivat, who took advantage of the people's fragile mental state following the merciless reign and death of Emmanuel, a ruthless, megalomaniac king. Daivat has stolen the essence of humanity--creativity, sensuality, intelligence, diversity etc.,-- away from the world by sucking the life force out of humans in exchange for eternal life. The Squad believes the key to defeating Daivat is finding his counterpart Kidara, a ferociously sensual and powerful counterpart unknowingly created in the wake of his rise to power. 

In this excerpt, the heroine Nioma Maxwell has just waken up after a near fatal night of battling Lumina, former humans turned demonic immortals, and encounters some other nightmare creatures on her way to a strategy meeting with the Omega Squad.

Now I may or may not be an artist, but as Ms. Badu once said, I'm sensitive about my shit! So enjoy and be kind:).
The blaring alarm clock woke Nioma up. She groaned and sat up, wiping fresh tears from her eyes as she stumbled her way into the bathroom. Pushing her long black hair away from her face, she studied herself in the mirror. The scar that had almost been her death sentence less than 8 hours before seemed to be healing quite nicely. Her mood lightened, she tied her hair back in a bun and placed a warm towel on her face for a few minutes, then made her way to the kitchen to complete the rest of her morning ritual.

For some, a morning facial is simply a beauty ritual. But for Nioma it was a form of meditation. Holding her face over the now boiling pot, she took in a deep, engulfing breath as if it were her first gasp of air. Filled with the usual ingredients of honey, shea butter, a hint of mint and chamomile--the steam also contained her ecstasies--blessed herbs, charms and ointments that would boost her physical and mental abilities.

As the steam glided over her face, she could feel the ecstasies working their magic, the intoxicating fragrances working into the smallest pores of her skin. Intense feelings of calm and hyper awareness overtook her, while the havoc last night's attack wreaked on her body melted away. Closing her eyes, her body seemed to lift from the small table at which she sat, floating through the upper floors of the complex and out towards the sky. If she concentrated just hard enough, the seemingly endless miles of cracked, desolate earth and run down, grimy buildings almost seemed restored to their former glory. Adding those extra splashes of sensua and coporeal seeds was a wise decision. Besides, even with the strenuous day that lay ahead, it was always good to treat yourself, she figured. "Just because I'm living in this shitshack doesn't mean I have to look like a bag lady," she said to herself while spreading face cream across her cheeks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tracy Morgan Apologizes In Nashville

Tracy Morgan returned to the scene of the crime yesterday to again apologize for his anti-gay rant during show in Nashville, during which he said he'd stab his son if he were gay. Morgan sat at a table flanked by Kevin Rogers, the audience member who brought the incident to national attention with a Facebook post.

In front of a sea of cameras and reporters, Morgan vowed to change his act, according to The Advocate:

I didn't know; I didn't mean it," Morgan told them all. "I don't have a hateful bone in my body. I don't believe that anyone should be bullied or just made to feel bad about who they are. I totally feel that in my heart."
In a statement, Rogers said the apology "was sincere" and that Morgan "spoke from his heart."

Morgan is coming off a string of conversations arranged by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation with homeless gay teens and the mother of a man killed in a hate crime. Morgan claimed to have learned something since his infamous stand-up act.

"I really don't care who you love, same sex or not, as long as you have the ability to love," he said. "I don't really see gay or straight. I just see human beings now."

While all of this is great, the true test will be to see if Morgan will maintain this new stance in the long run. That will prove whether he's really had a change of heart, or if he's just in "I need to save my job/career" shock mode right now. Watch video of the press conference below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

50 Cent To Write Anti-Bullying Book For Teens

Say what?  Despite building a career by starting beefs with other rappers (although I will grant that grown men rapping on records is slightly different than kids being systematically bullied by other kids), Fiddy is planning to pen a novel for young adults entitled Playground that takes a stand against bullying. The book is semi-autobiographical and is set to be released in January.

"I had a strong desire to write Playground because I wanted to explore how a kid becomes a bully," the rapper said in a statement announcing the book's release. "I drew on events from my own childhood and adolescence, but was excited to see the story take on its own life. This book would have been very helpful for me growing up and now that I have a teenage son, it is my goal that this will have a positive influence on all teenagers."

I'm not sure what to think of this. On one hand, it's great that the book will potentially reach so many kids. On the other hand, is he doing this because he's truly sincere, or is he, ever the shrewd businessman, just trying to ride the anti-bullying wave? So what do you think of 50's new project? Discuss.

Monday, June 20, 2011

R.I.P Taylor Siluwe

Author/blogger Taylor Siluwe lost his battle with lung cancer Sunday. Siluwe was the author of SGL Cafe. While I was not as close to him as other bloggers, he was a follower K. Clark's Corner and I definitely reading his insightful blog and the occasional comments his left here. Rest in peace Taylor.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tracy Morgan Meets With Homeless Gay Teens

If I can dish out the vitriol than I also have to serve up the praise, which in this case is certainly due. While the sincerity of Tracy Morgan's "I'm sorry" statement can be easily discounted, actually sitting down with the victims of homophobia shows some actual remorse on his part, IMO. While Morgan may still have some ground to cover before we can call him a full-fledge ally, he does seem to be putting real effort into repairing the damage caused by his Nashville rant. Read about the meeting over at TMZ.

Put Your Mind To It, Go For It....

Recently, in an effort to get back in shape, I've decided to take up yoga. Like most free weight/weight machine users, I figured that yoga would be a bunch of soothing "oooohhmmmm" poses that probably wouldn't produce any semblance of a burn. Boy was I wrong! Granted, I'm not doing any both-legs-behind-your-head contortionist Ashtanga/Bikram poses (I'll leave that to Madge and the gentleman pictured above), but getting through an hour long session left me super sweaty and winded. Stretching, pulling, twisting, downward dogging--it ain't no joke!

Another welcome surprise is that doing yoga actually does bring a sense of serenity. Not necessarily an "I've reached nirvana" epiphany or state of consciousness, but I do feel a calmness afterwards, a relaxation in my body and mind that kind of balances out my sometimes hyper-drive mental state. So I think I'll stick with it for the time being--plus it's cheaper popping in a DVD at home and working out in my apartment than coughing up coins for a gym membership--although I'll probably buy a few dumbells so I can do some bicep, tricep, shoulder and chest work.

Anywho, I just thought I'd give an update on my fitness regime. Oh, and five points to whoever can guess where the title of that post can from! (Hint: Hot Sundae).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Jam: Tony! Toni! Tone! "Whatever You Want"

Ahhh, 90's black radio. A magical time when it was possible to hear both creative, expansive hip hop and R&B (Mary J's "Real Love," Outkast's "Elevators," Aaliyah's "One In Million," and so on) alongside the revolving door of whatever booty poppin' track was the flavor of the month ("Tootsie Roll," "My Boo"). Not that I don't love a good disposable dance track, but in moderation, which radio today seems to have completely forgotten. But I digress. Among those tracks in the former category was Tony! Toni! Tone!'s mid-tempo jam "Whatever You Want." I love how the acoustic chords mesh with the super heavy bass line, as well as the weirdly romantic keyboard sounds that crop up during the bridge. Anyways, listen below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pimpin' Ain't Easy....

Well, apparently it is! It looks like Eddie Long is back in business, fleecing the church folks like a desperate gold digger trying to jump in the last balla's car after the club closes! But seriously, this is so sad I almost thought Aaron McGruder had launched a live action version of The Boondocks! How can people be so willing to not only forgive and forget (especially when you've been given so little to base your forgiveness on), but to give all their money away as well? It's beyond denial; it's almost pathological. Watch this crap and try not to hurl below.

Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Sides Of The Same Coin

Writer Annalee Newitz gives an interesting take on The Dark Knight, which is, in my opinion, one of the best superhero flicks of all-time. She basically breaks down ten different messages you can take away from the film. Here's one of them.

2. Sometimes we need to believe in a lie.

Dark Knight ends with Batman taking responsibility for the crimes Harvey Dent committed when he became Two-Face. Batman decides that Gotham City needs a "hero with a face" more than the truth. It needs Harvey Dent to remain pure, and for Batman to become a tarnished hero. Partly, he reasons, the city needs this because vigilante justice is not justice (see 1). But partly it's because people need hope more than truth. Whether or not you agree with his assertion, it makes for an interesting philosophical debate.

Read the rest here (and you haven't seen Dark Knight, run down to your nearest video store and/or gas station and get a copy immediately!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Thoughts.....

With summer heat about to shine down on our behinds (technically we're currently being swamped by spring heat, at least until June 21st--uh oh, that means four months left until our next scheduled demise!), I figured it'd be as good a time as any to fire off some random thoughts.

1) Not to sound smug, but at this point isn't President Obama's reelection pretty much guaranteed? Like a coworker of mine said the other day, the crop of Republican contenders for 2012 is as pitiful as the Democratic nominees in '04. But then again, in politics you never know.

2) Isn't it sad that Sarah Palin's followers are so enraptured enslaved by her "I'm just a regular soccer mom" charisma that they're actually changing facts about Paul Revere's ride on Wikipedia to match her botched up version?

3) Even though I told myself I wasn't going to get caught up in the madness, I watched the first two parts of Oprah's final show extravaganza. I mean Patti, Beyonce, Madonna, Stevie, Aretha...there was no way I couldn't at least take a glimpse at the whole spectacle!

4) Am I the only one who thinks we're witnessing the unraveling of Chris Brown? I mean the bleach job was cool, but the nude pics....the Good Morning America tantrum....the smiley face tattoo on his back? Seriously, can you name his new single/video or when he's going on tour? Don't worry I'll wait....

5) Aren't you amazed that no religious whackjobs have come out of the woodwork to blame any of this year's natural disasters (i.e Alabama/Missouri tornados, Japan's earthquake) on the gays?

6) Doesn't True Blood's fairy (which my BF says are actually trolls) story arc look like it's going to be hella exciting?

7) I'll read Sherri Shepherd (or as fellow blogger Toddy English calls her, Boopsie) for her often moronic views on sexuality and gender issues as good as the next gay, but she was spot on with talking about Eddie Long.

8) While we're talking about Sherrie, I wonder if she'll take the same hard line on Tracy Morgan, or will she just Whoopi out?

9) If you haven't seen Madea's Big Happy Family, DON'T (unless it's on a bootleg). I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Perry anyway, but this movies makes Why Did I Get Married  look like Mo Betta Blues! Using passages from the play verbatim, characters as flat as cardboard, black women who are portrayed as either eternally pissed off (with no explanation why) soft as a wet blanket (Loretta got so screwed with this one) or relentlessly ghetto, major secrets that are resolved in under a minute. Chile, just take my word for it!

10) Didn't Lady Gaga look suspiciously mid-90's Mariah-like in that three way SNL skit a few weeks back?

11) Isn't it a relief that gas prices have gone down a little bit?

12) Despite my cynicism, I'm hopeful that Whitney's decision to extend her stay in rehab will be the start of her real comeback (in life as well as in music). Call me naive, but I guess you never give up on your first diva.

13) And since we're on the subject of divas, have you seen the clip of Beyonce 'warming up' for her American Idol performance? I mean I knew Bey had a strong voice but dayum. Watch below.

14) I know I've already ranted and raved about it, but what pipe was Creflo "Po Pimp" Dollar smoking from when he defended his "brother in the Lord" Eddie Long? More importantly, what did they slip the congregation in the communion juice? I mean your head would have to be shoved up your small intestines to be able come out of your face that boldly.

15) Maybe Eddie and Crelfo could do a remake of Devin The Dude's "Use These Ho's?" Or maybe Jay-Z and DMX's "Money, Cash, Hoes?" Joel Osteen could chime in on the "Whats"!

Tina On Tracy

As commentor Damien Oz said over at Wonderman's blog, "Tina brings the professional, classy, but clear smackdown on Tracy's ass!" Read her comments about Tracy's homophobic tirade below.

"I'm glad to hear that Tracy apologized for his comments. Stand-up comics may have the right to 'work out' their material in its ugliest and rawest form in front of an audience, but the violent imagery of Tracy's rant was disturbing to me at a time when homophobic hate crimes continue to be a life-threatening issue for the GLBT Community."

"It also doesn't line up with the Tracy Morgan I know, who is not a hateful man and is generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person. I hope for his sake that Tracy's apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian coworkers at '30 Rock', without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket. The other producers and I pride ourselves on '30 Rock' being a diverse, safe, and fair workplace.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh Snap! Tracy Morgan Goes On Homophobic Diatribe During Nashville Show; Issues Apology

Via Toddy English:

So here's the story: Facebooker Kevin Rogers went to go see Tracy Morgan live in Nashville. Knowing Tracy's raunchy brand of comedy, he fully expected to hear a few inappropriate but funny jokes poking fun at everyone, including the gays. However, what he describes next makes Bernie Mac's "milk and cookies" sketch (which he later apologized for before his death) sound tame.

Rogers' writes that he was not upset but extremely disappoint with Morgan's tirade, and I have to say I am too. You'd think at the very least someone who's pals with Kathy Griffin and Tina Fey would have better view about gays. A Fey/Griffin fan myself, I'm waiting to see how they respond. I hope she won't disappoint as well.

Update: Tracy has issued an apology saying his "act" went too far (that's an understatement).

“I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others,” Morgan said in a statement. “While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

Honestly, I'm not sure if I believe him. This wasn't just a one tasteless comment. This was barbershop talk. The kind of uncensored stuff you'd hear at family reunions/cookouts (ya'll know what I'm talking about). It'll take more than a standard apology statement to smooth this over, so I'll be giving him the side eye and the cold shoulder until I'm thoroughly convinced. Read Rogers' account and decide for yourself below.

So tonight was the night, Tracy Morgan in the hallowed halls of the Ryman Auditorium.  I always giggle a little bit when I think that the legends of country music must be rolling over in their graves knowing that there are raunchy comics on their stage.   I've been a big fan of his since his days at SNL.  The show was your typical hysterical dick, cum and pussy humor... I have to say it was hilarious and well worth at least 40% of the $86 we spent per ticket to see him.  I figured at some point the gay jokes would fly and I'm well prepared for a good ribbing of straight gay humor.  I have very thick skin when it comes to humor; I can dish and I can take.  What I can't take is when Mr. Morgan took it upon himself to mention about how he feels all this gay shit was crazy and that women are a gift from God and that "Born this Way" is bullshit, gay is a choice, and the reason he knows this is exactly because "God don't make no mistakes" (referring to God not making someone gay cause that would be a mistake).  He said that there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman, that's just a woman pretending because she hates a fucking man.  He took time to visit the bullshit of this bullying stuff and informed us that the gays needed to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying. He mentioned that gay was something kids learn from the media and programming, and that bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little fuckers that bully them, not whine about it.  He said if his son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death. He mentioned that Barack Obama needed to man up and quit being all down with this just because he has a wife and two daughters.  All of this being followed by thunderous cheer and "You go Tracys".  Tracy then said he didn't fucking care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass... they can take a fucking joke.

The sad thing is that none of this rant was a joke.  His entire demeanor changed during that portion of the night.  He was truly filled with some hate towards us.  As far as I could see 10 to 15 people walked out.  I had to fight myself to stay seated, but I knew if I got up... he won.  He wanted to piss people off and get a rise.  I didn't let him win by chasing me off, he surely didn't get any applause or laughter from me after that point - mainly because he was no longer funny to me.  I wasn't holding back, it just wasn't funny.  I won't even get started on his rant about how women should be home cooking him a fucking meal and not becoming CEOs or him talking about fucking the moms of retards.  

Once again, I can take a joke.  I find all sorts of things that are inappropriate funny.  Life is too serious to not laugh and enjoy some humor.  I now no longer enjoy Tracy Morgan's humor.  It's sad that I now have to take some inventory of my love of "30 Rock".

I'm not angry... just very very very disappointed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creflo Dollar Defends Eddie Long

Via Rod 2.0

All I can say is birds of a fucking feather...hell you know the rest. Fellow Atlanta mega-church pastor Creflo Dollar has come to the defense of Ms. Eddie Long, who recently settled with the four young men accusing him of luring them into sexual relationships with cars, cash and other goodies.

In his defense of his "brother in the Lord," Dollar (how appropriate is that last name) compares Long's situation to a car wreck, praises him for having "insurance" and criticizes ex-New Birth members for leaving. I think I'm gonna be sick.

"I can't believe people would believe their preacher because he had a wreck instead of praying for him," said Dollar. "He's loved them and he's taken care of them ... and he had a wreck. Here's the good news: He got insurance! He's still anointed!" 

Pardon my french, but how can people sit there and applaud this bullshit? Just when I think I've seen how low church folks will go in the worship of their "holy men" I'm proven wrong. So now we're supposed to look at Eddie and think "Well he may have preyed on those young boys (who were actually spirits of lust or some other stupid interpretation) with the finesse of a street corner pimp and then used our cash to cover up all the details, and he hasn't said a word to us about a case he vowed to fight. But hey, he's still anointed and appointed!"

Seriously, if this was a white mega church, Eddie would been out on his ass long ago (Ted Haggard anyone), but since it's a black church we gotta lift pastor up, even when he's been exposed as an arrogant, deceitful, manipulative, hypocritical, self-hating charlatan. Are we really that hard up for leadership in the black community that we have to accept this? As The Boondocks' Huey Freeman once said, "What happened to standards?"

This whole fiasco could've been a wonderful opportunity for Long to come clean about his own struggles with his sexuality. True, it would've cost him dearly, but if he'd had the courage to endure it, something good could've come out of it. He could've apologized to the LGBT community for marching and speaking out against us, and starting working towards mending wounds caused by his past actions. It could've sparked a still much needed discussion about sexuality and homophobia in the black church, which, whether you're religious or nonreligious, affects your life in some way.

But now all we're left with is the same old crap--a church full of homophobic, sycophantic straight folks and closet queens giving their time and coins to a pimp in preacher's clothing. Anyone who still attends his church might as well carry a sign that says "Fleece me baby!" If Long, Dollar, Joel Osteen (Lawd it's just something his cheesy smilin' ass I don't trust) and the rest of the holy rolling brigade are God's chosen, then I will gladly do a double-backhand spring into the jaws of Satan.

Enough ranting. Watch Creflo unload his big barrel of crap below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WATCH: Six Minutes Of True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Watch the longest sneak preview of True Blood's new season below. Let's just say my expectations of the fairy storyline have perked up a lot. Take a look.

Gaga's Born This Way Banned In Lebanon

The LA Times reports that Lady Gaga's Born This Way album has been banned in Lebanon. The news came the say day as the announcement the pop star would participate in Rome's Circus Maximus, the closing event of 2011 Europride

The chart-topping album, which sold more than a million copies in its first week, was intercepted and impounded by Lebanon officials at the Beirut international airport because it was deemed potentially offensive to the country's Christian population.

"We collected the CDs on the grounds that the music was offensive to religion," said one official from the office of censorship, which is part of the country's notorious General Security, a powerful branch of the Ministry of Interior. "They are still in our offices. We are still deciding what to do with them."

Some fans are hoping the office of censorship at the country's general security headquarters will simply edit some of the album's religion-themed cuts like "Bloody Mary" and "Judas," out, rather than ban the whole album. Meanwhile Christian elders say they will give their opinion on Born This Way soon.

"If they are going to offend us we are going to cancel the album," said Father Abdo Abu Kassm, director of the Catholic Information Center. "We will not accept that anyone insult the Virgin Mary or Jesus or Christianity. We have dignity. Call us traditional, call us backward, call us whatever you want. We will not accept it."

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Army Launches DADT Website

The U.S. Army has launched a website designed to deal with issues surrounding the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." The site's introduction reads like this:

"Since 1993, the law and policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) has provided that homosexual conduct is a bar to service in the Armed Forces. On Dec. 22, 2010, the DADT Repeal Act of 2010 became law. It provides for the repeal of DADT to be effective 60 days after the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify to Congress that the Armed Forces are prepared to implement repeal. The Army began educating Army personnel on the process and policies associated with the repeal of DADT on Feb. 17, 2011, in order to prepare the force for implementation. Until 60 days after certification, the law commonly known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" remains in effect, and the Department of Defense will continue to apply the law as it is obligated to do."

The site also includes a top 10 list of things to know about the repeal, such as soldiers will not be segregated and their sexual orientation will not be called into question, as well as a FAQ section that addresses such concerns like how conduct codes will change after the repeal.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eye Candy: Ken Griffey Jr. (My First Celeb Crush!)

Back I was a young queen of about 7 or 8, my older brother used to get issues of Sports Illustrated For Kids (or something like that:) every month. And every month I usually ignored the magazine save a few fun articles they included for the kiddies. That is until I saw Ken Griffey Jr. Yes, he isn't Reggie Bush/Rockmond Dunbar (swoons)/Will Demps gorgeous, but he definitely did/does something for me.

Maybe it's because we share birthday, but I doubt it lol. It had more to do with that boyish grin. The slight b-boy swag of  the hat always flipped to the back and the studs in his ears. A nice, plump set of lips. And while we're on the subject of plump appendages, that booty. Yes, you know I had to go there. Is it me or do all baseball players seem to have nice round phatties (in fact, it was Mr. Griffey himself who told Tiger Woods a big butt was a necessity in being able to smash a homerun). If that's true, I'm forever grateful. Get into the pics below.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kurt Weston's "Blind Vision"

With tomorrow marking the 30 anniversary of the AIDS epidemic, CNN posted an interesting article about artist and photographer Kurt Weston's "Blind Vision" a series of stark self-potraits created with tinsel and foam meant to illustrate his feelings about losing his sight due to retinitis. Living with HIV since the early 80's, Weston was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1991 after a bout of pneumocystis pneumonia, a common infection in AIDS patients. Cytomegalovirus retinitis, another known complication, took away his sight in 1993.

The former commerical fashion photographer decided to funnel his frustration into art. "You can see my hand gesturing as if I kind of want to wipe away the obstruction in front of my vision," he told CNN. "That was my way of wanting to illustrate the desire to get rid of that obstruction in my vision."

You kind of have to take a warrior mentality," he says of living with AIDS. "I'm not going to let these things beat me. I'm not going to let these things cheat me out of the life I want to have."

Read the full CNN article HERE, and view more of Weston's work below and at his official site.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Say What? Author Says Smurfs Are Racist And Anti-Semitic

A wise Papa? Or Stalin in blue-face? You decide!

French sociologist and author Antoine Bueno says that the seemingly innocent little creatures living a perfect existence and battling against the evil Gargamel are in fact "the embodiment of a totalitarian utopia, steeped in Stalinism and Nazism". And here I thought Ren And Stimpy, Dexter's Laboratory (Girl, I have seen better steps on a ladder!) and The PowerPuff Girls were subversive.

According to The Huffington Post: As relayed by, Buéno says that Papa Smurf, the leader of the village, is an authoritarian figure, and that their lack of private property and collective-style economy is a clear nod to socialism. Meanwhile, their enemy seems Jewish: Gargamel, the monster that haunts the village, matches negative Jewish caricatures and his cat's name is Azrael, the French author writes, while Smurfette, for a long time the only female in the village, is a vision of aryan perfection.

Buéno, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, touched on what he perceives as their blue racism.

"The first comic strip, 'The Black Smurfs,' was intimately concerned with what you might classify as a racial threat," he said. "Because in that album, the smurfs are sick. And when they're sick, they don't turn purple or red or anything like that, they become black. And when they become black, they lose all trace of intelligence. THey become completely moronic. And further more, they can no longer speak, they just go 'nyap nyap nyap.'"

The black Smurf part is indeed correct though. U.S. publishers rejected the comic strip back in the early 60's due to the black smurf drawings, with the creatures later being recolored to purple. *Sigh* I can almost see someone from The Tea Party making a poster/graphic of Obama in a Smurf's T-shirt now....

New York Pastor Calls Harlem Pride Celebration An "Abomination"

Harlem Pride President Carmen Neely
A planned gay pride picnic in Harlem has some local church leaders clutching the pearls, particularly preachers from the Church Of God In Christ, a.k.a COGIC, according to New York Daily News.

"If children start to believe it is okay to be gay, they will think it's okay to be a pedophile or have sex with animals," said Dr. Ronald Ferguson, the senior pastor at Antioch Church of God on W. 124th St. "It's a slippery slope."

Ferguson, who has three adult children and four grandkids, said he expects parishioners to follow his lead and stay indoors when the second annual Harlem Pride event arrives June 24. "This gay pride nonsense is an abomination," Ferguson told the Daily News. "God does not want to see homosexuals in our parks."

Neither do Ferguson or some other local pastors fuming over the celebration of gay rights set for Marcus Garvey Park.

"The park is a family area, and the homosexual agenda will do nothing but harm the community," said Pastor Charles Curtis of Mount Olivet Baptist Church. "Due to our religious beliefs, we do not support ... that event."

Ahh, the old slippery slope argument. We can't the homosexticals marry! Then people will wanna walk down the aisle with dogs, cats and chickens and kids! Of course if they thought it through, they'd probably realize that children and animals can't give consent to be married, but these folks have never let logic and reason stand in the way of  a good anti-gay diatribe.

Regardless, Harlem Pride President Carmen Neely says the pride celebration will take place.

"I want the gay and lesbian people of uptown to have a celebration of our own," she said. "This will be different than the events in the West Village because it will be filled with people of color. I realize the church plays a big role in the black community," Neely said, "but we're people, too, and deserve our day in the sun."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Diva Tribute: Alicia Keys

Being that 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of Ms. Key's debut Songs In A Minor (wow time really is flying:), I thought I'd post a few of my favorite Alicia songs/performances/moments. Long before everyone bowed at the altar of Lord Gaga for playing piano, Alicia was tickling the ivories on such R&B classics like "You Don't Know My Name," "Diary" and "If I Ain't Got You." While she may not be the freakiest (the aforementioned Gaga, Rihanna) or the most glamorous (Her Creole Majesty, a.k.a Beyonce, takes that crown for this generation), she's definitely the most consistent--four albums in 10 years, each delivering a string of hit singles. So let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we? Get into the clips below.

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