Random Thoughts.....

With summer heat about to shine down on our behinds (technically we're currently being swamped by spring heat, at least until June 21st--uh oh, that means four months left until our next scheduled demise!), I figured it'd be as good a time as any to fire off some random thoughts.

1) Not to sound smug, but at this point isn't President Obama's reelection pretty much guaranteed? Like a coworker of mine said the other day, the crop of Republican contenders for 2012 is as pitiful as the Democratic nominees in '04. But then again, in politics you never know.

2) Isn't it sad that Sarah Palin's followers are so enraptured enslaved by her "I'm just a regular soccer mom" charisma that they're actually changing facts about Paul Revere's ride on Wikipedia to match her botched up version?

3) Even though I told myself I wasn't going to get caught up in the madness, I watched the first two parts of Oprah's final show extravaganza. I mean Patti, Beyonce, Madonna, Stevie, Aretha...there was no way I couldn't at least take a glimpse at the whole spectacle!

4) Am I the only one who thinks we're witnessing the unraveling of Chris Brown? I mean the bleach job was cool, but the nude pics....the Good Morning America tantrum....the smiley face tattoo on his back? Seriously, can you name his new single/video or when he's going on tour? Don't worry I'll wait....

5) Aren't you amazed that no religious whackjobs have come out of the woodwork to blame any of this year's natural disasters (i.e Alabama/Missouri tornados, Japan's earthquake) on the gays?

6) Doesn't True Blood's fairy (which my BF says are actually trolls) story arc look like it's going to be hella exciting?

7) I'll read Sherri Shepherd (or as fellow blogger Toddy English calls her, Boopsie) for her often moronic views on sexuality and gender issues as good as the next gay, but she was spot on with talking about Eddie Long.

8) While we're talking about Sherrie, I wonder if she'll take the same hard line on Tracy Morgan, or will she just Whoopi out?

9) If you haven't seen Madea's Big Happy Family, DON'T (unless it's on a bootleg). I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Perry anyway, but this movies makes Why Did I Get Married  look like Mo Betta Blues! Using passages from the play verbatim, characters as flat as cardboard, black women who are portrayed as either eternally pissed off (with no explanation why) soft as a wet blanket (Loretta got so screwed with this one) or relentlessly ghetto, major secrets that are resolved in under a minute. Chile, just take my word for it!

10) Didn't Lady Gaga look suspiciously mid-90's Mariah-like in that three way SNL skit a few weeks back?

11) Isn't it a relief that gas prices have gone down a little bit?

12) Despite my cynicism, I'm hopeful that Whitney's decision to extend her stay in rehab will be the start of her real comeback (in life as well as in music). Call me naive, but I guess you never give up on your first diva.

13) And since we're on the subject of divas, have you seen the clip of Beyonce 'warming up' for her American Idol performance? I mean I knew Bey had a strong voice but dayum. Watch below.

14) I know I've already ranted and raved about it, but what pipe was Creflo "Po Pimp" Dollar smoking from when he defended his "brother in the Lord" Eddie Long? More importantly, what did they slip the congregation in the communion juice? I mean your head would have to be shoved up your small intestines to be able come out of your face that boldly.

15) Maybe Eddie and Crelfo could do a remake of Devin The Dude's "Use These Ho's?" Or maybe Jay-Z and DMX's "Money, Cash, Hoes?" Joel Osteen could chime in on the "Whats"!