Creflo Dollar Defends Eddie Long

Via Rod 2.0

All I can say is birds of a fucking feather...hell you know the rest. Fellow Atlanta mega-church pastor Creflo Dollar has come to the defense of Ms. Eddie Long, who recently settled with the four young men accusing him of luring them into sexual relationships with cars, cash and other goodies.

In his defense of his "brother in the Lord," Dollar (how appropriate is that last name) compares Long's situation to a car wreck, praises him for having "insurance" and criticizes ex-New Birth members for leaving. I think I'm gonna be sick.

"I can't believe people would believe their preacher because he had a wreck instead of praying for him," said Dollar. "He's loved them and he's taken care of them ... and he had a wreck. Here's the good news: He got insurance! He's still anointed!" 

Pardon my french, but how can people sit there and applaud this bullshit? Just when I think I've seen how low church folks will go in the worship of their "holy men" I'm proven wrong. So now we're supposed to look at Eddie and think "Well he may have preyed on those young boys (who were actually spirits of lust or some other stupid interpretation) with the finesse of a street corner pimp and then used our cash to cover up all the details, and he hasn't said a word to us about a case he vowed to fight. But hey, he's still anointed and appointed!"

Seriously, if this was a white mega church, Eddie would been out on his ass long ago (Ted Haggard anyone), but since it's a black church we gotta lift pastor up, even when he's been exposed as an arrogant, deceitful, manipulative, hypocritical, self-hating charlatan. Are we really that hard up for leadership in the black community that we have to accept this? As The Boondocks' Huey Freeman once said, "What happened to standards?"

This whole fiasco could've been a wonderful opportunity for Long to come clean about his own struggles with his sexuality. True, it would've cost him dearly, but if he'd had the courage to endure it, something good could've come out of it. He could've apologized to the LGBT community for marching and speaking out against us, and starting working towards mending wounds caused by his past actions. It could've sparked a still much needed discussion about sexuality and homophobia in the black church, which, whether you're religious or nonreligious, affects your life in some way.

But now all we're left with is the same old crap--a church full of homophobic, sycophantic straight folks and closet queens giving their time and coins to a pimp in preacher's clothing. Anyone who still attends his church might as well carry a sign that says "Fleece me baby!" If Long, Dollar, Joel Osteen (Lawd it's just something his cheesy smilin' ass I don't trust) and the rest of the holy rolling brigade are God's chosen, then I will gladly do a double-backhand spring into the jaws of Satan.

Enough ranting. Watch Creflo unload his big barrel of crap below.


I've had wrecks, but none of them involved fucking underaged choir boys!
Creflo Dollar (and his ho...excuse me...WIFE...Taffi)makes me sick. He is the greatest example of church being the greatest hustle that ever was sold.
That Jive turkey!