WATCH: Six Minutes Of True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Watch the longest sneak preview of True Blood's new season below. Let's just say my expectations of the fairy storyline have perked up a lot. Take a look.


Free TV Stop said…
Vampires never existed but almost everybody knows about them. They are just results to our mere imaginations and the way our minds creatively pictures them out into our brains is still questionable up to this time. True Blood Season 4 Episode 1: She’s Not There.I cant wait for next season ill make to this promo nearer the time but im glad you enjoyed it And no everyone is different.
Ian said…
Oh this looks real good. I knew there had to be some twist to the Faeries and Sookie. I can't wait for the season to start!
Okay, I want to be a Fae/Vampire hybrid. I wonder is that possible?