Random Jam: Tony! Toni! Tone! "Whatever You Want"

Ahhh, 90's black radio. A magical time when it was possible to hear both creative, expansive hip hop and R&B (Mary J's "Real Love," Outkast's "Elevators," Aaliyah's "One In Million," and so on) alongside the revolving door of whatever booty poppin' track was the flavor of the month ("Tootsie Roll," "My Boo"). Not that I don't love a good disposable dance track, but in moderation, which radio today seems to have completely forgotten. But I digress. Among those tracks in the former category was Tony! Toni! Tone!'s mid-tempo jam "Whatever You Want." I love how the acoustic chords mesh with the super heavy bass line, as well as the weirdly romantic keyboard sounds that crop up during the bridge. Anyways, listen below.


You took me BACK with this one. LOL
Love it!