Put Your Mind To It, Go For It....

Recently, in an effort to get back in shape, I've decided to take up yoga. Like most free weight/weight machine users, I figured that yoga would be a bunch of soothing "oooohhmmmm" poses that probably wouldn't produce any semblance of a burn. Boy was I wrong! Granted, I'm not doing any both-legs-behind-your-head contortionist Ashtanga/Bikram poses (I'll leave that to Madge and the gentleman pictured above), but getting through an hour long session left me super sweaty and winded. Stretching, pulling, twisting, downward dogging--it ain't no joke!

Another welcome surprise is that doing yoga actually does bring a sense of serenity. Not necessarily an "I've reached nirvana" epiphany or state of consciousness, but I do feel a calmness afterwards, a relaxation in my body and mind that kind of balances out my sometimes hyper-drive mental state. So I think I'll stick with it for the time being--plus it's cheaper popping in a DVD at home and working out in my apartment than coughing up coins for a gym membership--although I'll probably buy a few dumbells so I can do some bicep, tricep, shoulder and chest work.

Anywho, I just thought I'd give an update on my fitness regime. Oh, and five points to whoever can guess where the title of that post can from! (Hint: Hot Sundae).