Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eye Candy: Ken Griffey Jr. (My First Celeb Crush!)

Back I was a young queen of about 7 or 8, my older brother used to get issues of Sports Illustrated For Kids (or something like that:) every month. And every month I usually ignored the magazine save a few fun articles they included for the kiddies. That is until I saw Ken Griffey Jr. Yes, he isn't Reggie Bush/Rockmond Dunbar (swoons)/Will Demps gorgeous, but he definitely did/does something for me.

Maybe it's because we share birthday, but I doubt it lol. It had more to do with that boyish grin. The slight b-boy swag of  the hat always flipped to the back and the studs in his ears. A nice, plump set of lips. And while we're on the subject of plump appendages, that booty. Yes, you know I had to go there. Is it me or do all baseball players seem to have nice round phatties (in fact, it was Mr. Griffey himself who told Tiger Woods a big butt was a necessity in being able to smash a homerun). If that's true, I'm forever grateful. Get into the pics below.

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Prince Toddy English said...

You totally read my mind (lol). I loved Mr. Griffey's big ole badunk a dunk DONK. lol

thegayte-keeper said...

Where is he these days?

Kevin said...

@gayte-keeper: He's retired, but I think I've seen pics of him at a few "celebrity golf" type events.

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