I'm Euphoric

If you recall, last month I did a post about my still-in-the-works EP, and posted "Un Peu Maison," a homage to classic house and my very first finished track.

At the time I said I'd keep folks in the loop with updates on the EP's progress, and I'm a man of my word. Just a few days ago I finished mixing down a new track called "Euphoria." It's an uptempo--really uptempo (think 140 bpm)--techno cut stacked with pummeling, driving drums and bass, blended with shades of bright, happy hardcore-style synths.

A new song, "Nightlife," a more aggressive house track than "Un Peu Maison," should be mixed down and in the can by next week. Somehow I also found time to create Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Youtube pages. Like, follow and/or subscribe HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. And did ya' get a look at that pic? Not bad for a camera phone bathroom "photoshoot" and a lil' Photoshop am I right? 

Listen to "Euphoria" below. 


Kevin T said…
Keep it going, man!
K. Clark said…
Thanks, appreciate the support;)