God Is A DJ: My New Creative Endeavor

As you may or may not have noticed, my posting at K.Clark's Corner has been a lighter on content as of late. A bit of general LGBT news here, a fine man there, a random read of Mariah Carey--oh excuse me, The Elusive Chanteuse--for your nerves. Elusive Chanteuse...girl I don't know what to do with you.

But I digress. Things have been a bit scattershot here, and I'm grateful for everyone who has still stopped by in the past few weeks and read or passed along my posts--I'd love it even more if folks made a habit of commenting, but c'est la vie. I am currently working on nailing down a more consistent posting schedule, but from time to time, things may get a little sporadic. However, there's a good reason, and if the title of this point wasn't a tip off (and not just that I'm a big P!nk fan) here it is: I'm recording an album *balls up fists and makes squee noise.*

That's right. I'm hittin' the studio (though far from paid in full), and laying down fiyah beats and sick tracks 'ya heard me? Ooop, I think some Baby and Lil' Wayne got caught in my throat. Now, I haven't quit my day job or landed some huge record deal or been discovered by and become the artistic kept boy of some sugar daddy super producer. And of course, I still want to get my novel and short stories published (more on that in a separate post). But as a pianist/guitarist for most of my life, I have a deep love and appreciation for the art form, and have always dreamed about making my own original music.

However, as I was a church musician, most of my energy was spent learning and covering other people's tunes. That, combined with a lack of access and coins to recording software and equipment, along with a nagging fear that everything I'd create would suck, kept me from making the beats, riffs and synth sounds swirling in my head a reality. But now that my Sundays are spent in bed and Tipitina's, a statewide music co-op, has reopened in my city, I can't think of a better time to pursue my passion. As for the fear I will utterly suck, it's still lingering in my soft pink matter--cotton candy, Majin Buu. But the only way to conquer fear is to pin the bitch down and pummel its ass mercilessly into submission. Metaphorically of course.

So I'm twiddling the knobs on a yet-to-be-titled EP of five to ten house/electronic-oriented tracks, with a little rock, R&B, rap and 80's-inspired pop thrown in for good measure.I don't plan on any tracks with lyrics and vocals right now, but never say never. At my current pace, which is going to the studio a few times a week, I expect it to be ready to drop by late late summer or mid-fall. I'm a perfectionist, one who's still learning/experimenting with the ins and outs of production, and want to take my time. In other words, I'm not trying to put out any crap, and even though the EP won't have the internet going Beehive nuts, my name is still on it.

If your ears are itching with curiosity (and I hope those antennas are burning up) you're in luck! One cut is completely done and dusted. If songs are like kids, then this is my first born. Get into "Un Peu Maison" a homage to classic, late 80's/early 90's-era deep house, released under my new moniker, at least for music, Afro Sensi. If you like it, or even better, live for it, share it and download it and spread it like the plague.

I'll keep ya'll posted as the EP comes together.


Kevin T said…
Get it, bruh!