Eye Candy: Morris Chestnut

Ahhhh yes. Morris Chestnut. Like my first celeb crush Ken Griffey Jr., my attraction to Ricky has a little back story behind it. Like most black families every month our house received a copy of Ebony. Most of the time I'd flip through the magazine then forget about it. But one month when I was a burgeoning teen queen (pun intended lol) of about 13 or 14 it arrived at our mailbox. An Ebony cover featuring the twin titans of phine, Morris Chestnut and Shemar Moore (Obviously the editors had been proactive in ensuring they'd capture dark chocolate and caramel lovers). Shemar was cool, but Morris was on another level! Chile those lips. That smile. Those broad shoulders. Those biceps. It was lust at first sight.

I immediately snatched the magazine up and raced to my bedroom, salivating over the cover and pics (and there weren't even any shirtless shots!). Usually after I had my fill, I'd put the mag back in its place. But every day after school I'd scoop it up and go through the same routine, until my mother threw it out with the other old issues. I remember being so frustrated that I couldn't find it lol. Luckily through reruns on BET, I was able to see Morris in The Best Man, Boyz N The Hood, Two Can Play That Game and so on. All I can say is that I couldn't have been Taye Diggs and wished I was Vivica! Anyway, get into some pics below (not many shirtless ones, but you know I tried my best!).