Oh Snap! Oaklahoma Sen. Sally Kern Compares Gays To Terrorists

First that gal Donnie McClurkin called us vampires. Then his sista (they're two of a kind you know) Marcus Bachmann called us barbarians who needed to become civilized. Now Ms. Sally Kern, last seen spinning conspiracy theories that gays were "infiltrating city councils," is back on her BS, saying that we're terrorists. What's next Visigoths?

Sally spewed her latest batch of bigotry during an interview with Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (more like lies and fear-mongering about homosexuality. Read some of this crap below.

"You know if you just look at it in practical terms, which has destroyed and ended the life of more people? Terrorism attack here in America or HIV/ ​AIDS? In the last twenty years, fifteen to twenty years, we’ve had maybe three terrorist attacks on our soil with a little over 5,000 people regrettably losing their lives. In the same time frame, there have been hundreds of thousands who have died because of having AIDS. So which one’s the biggest threat? And you know, every day our young people, adults too, but especially our young people, are bombarded at school, in movies, in music, on TV, in the mall, in magazines, they’re bombarded with ‘homosexuality is normal and natural.’ It’s something they have to deal with every day. Fortunately we don’t have to deal with a terrorist attack every day, and that’s what I mean."

So now diseases count as terrorism? If that's true then all the tobacco companies and smokers of the world should be shot on sight, since they're destroying the lives of themselves and others exposed to second hand smoke if they end up diagnosed with lung, throat or any other form of cancer. Natural disasters have a pretty high body count? Are they just nature's version of a suicide bomber?

She's dead wrong of course, but in Sally's nutty nutty world fundamentalists Christians are the innocent victims of persecution and the evil homosexticals are the big bad boogeyman out to destroy all of civilization with their despicable displays of public affection and demands for equal rights. Hear her whole deranged diatribe below.