Oh Snap! Marcus Bachmann Calls Gays "Barbarians"


Just when I think I've heard every single nasty slur or insult a conservative blowhard can come up with, tada! Here's another one! In a short clip, Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus came up out of her face and compared gays to savage barbarians that need to be taught to be civilized little people, lest they run amok and corrupt the children. Well I guess it's a step up from being possessed by/called a demon. Listen to this crap below.

If there's one thing that disgusts me more than an ignorant straight homophobe, it' a self-hating queen, and trust and believe this gal falls into the latter category. Most of us know firsthand how hard it can be to embrace your sexuality as something normal when everyone and everything around you is sending a message that is the exact opposite. But what I cannot tolerate is someone actively encouraging anti-gay sentiment and spouting vicious lies about LGBT people when they are clearly gay themselves. If you're not at the place where you're ready to wave your rainbow flag high, then so be it. But don't project your internalized homophobia onto the entire community and make life harder for the rest of us.

Because when you do get caught smoking crystal meth with that male prostitute, tapping your foot in an airport bathroom or tricking on young boys with church funds, you'll have no one to blame but your gay ole' self. Unless you have a legion of pathologically delusional followers that give you bundles of their personal income without a second thought (I see you Ms. Eddie girl!) and a fellow pimp to put your hoes in their place for having the audacity to think for themselves (sup Creflo!). In that case, let the fleecing continue! Somebody needs to out this girl. Stat!

Rant over.