Self-Hating Queens on Tyra

This is sad and hilarious all at once. Sadly I've heard some gay guys make statements like "I'm not going to do this forever." Treating their gayness like it's a damn job or something. The only thing more annoying is Tyra's use of the term 'lifestyle' to describe gay. Ugh. However, I will give Ms. Banks some rainbow points for being somewhat critical of the guy's viewpoints. Granted, I'm not the most wordly and sophisticated gay in the world, but I do know that gay is not just one look or presentation.

As I've ranted and raved about before, being gay/bi is not a lifestyle choice. If you're a beer-drinking, sports-watching/playing, hip hop head, you're just as gay as a pink polo wearin' cosmo-sippin guy in Chelsea or Castro who worships Barbara Streisand. Hopefully the guys on Tyra's show will realize thier sexuality doesn't have to be a cliche.


ToddyEnglish said…
Oh my goodness. This was one of Tyra's BEST shows on the topic.
When I was growing up I was VERY much like all of the men on the panel, particularly Shane (the one who wants to be straight by the age of 30). When you come from a background and society that is constantly promoting gay as "wrong" or "Evil" or "Abominable" you can't help but hate yourself.
That is why I thought it was cool that the Tyra show sent Greg to a nice little spot for coffee and conversation as opposed to a nighclub...Not everyone wants to be in the bar/hook up scene.

Great show. Hopefully, they all come to embrace self love and acceptance.