Rants and Raves: "Being Gay is A Choice"

Those are the five most infuriating words I've ever had the displeasure of hearing and/or reading when some straight folks(and I stress some 'cause not all straights are ignorant about sexuality) talk about LGBT people.

This opinion reeks of not only ignorance, but carries an air of superiority. It's like saying "Of course I didn't choose to be straight. It's so natural to me. But you attention-seeking gays just love to be dramatic, self-loathing souls who live for being damned to hell and discriminated against by society. That's why you chose to be gay.

Whenever I hear people make the choice argument with statements like "Well if they didn't want to be discriminated against they shouldn't have chosen that lifestyle," or this gem from The Daily Voice comments section on an article called 'Is Gay the New Black?: "Don't get me wrong, people are people but homosexuality (lesbianism)(bestiality) is in fact sexual perversion and as such should not be thrusted upon the general population ...You choose to be so-called "gay" so deal with it," I wanted to scream 'WHEN DID YOU CHOOSE NOT TO BE GAY' from the depths of my soul.

Sexual orientation is not like being at a damn Fire Mountain buffet after Sunday service. It's not "Oh I'm tired of freakin fish. Let me slide over here and get some beef." A virgin who has never kissed another man is just as gay as someone whose banged everyone in the local gay bar. Sexual behavior and sexual orientation are different things. Any DL man could tell you that (but they wouldn't because... well then they wouldn't be very DL:).

What's so frustrating about talking to people who feel this way, besides arguing in circles, is that if scientists proved that there was gay gene tomorrow and that homosexuality and bisexuality are inborn, they would still be against LGBT folks. Just look what Rick "I got gay friends even though I support Prop 8" Warren had to say to Ann Curry about the subject:

Now I know I've already posted about Warren, and don't mean to paint him as a totally bad guy (even though he's not helping matters). He's done lots of good in regards to poverty and AIDS, and has donated profits from his books to help others. But his positions on homosexuality and gay rights are condescending and sickening.

Bottom Line: You think gays on their way to a doomsday demise where we'll spend all eternity roasting like marshmellows in the fires of hell? Fine. That's your right. But at least have enough common sense and empathy to know NO ONE would choose a life of ridicule, potential violence, loss of friends/church/family and discrimination just because of some sexual itch they had to scratch.


ToddyEnglish said…
What I hate most is this comment...
"They CHOOSE to be gay. We don't choose to be black!"
As if Black LGBT people don't exist. I actually had a debate (in person)with such a person. Long story short he told me, and I quote, "You are gay because your mother is half white...You got it from that side of your family."

Yes he did say that.

So I retorted with, "You just contradicted yourself. If I got it from my mother's side of the family then by default homosexuality is intrinsic to one's genetic make up."

He stayed quiet for a minute and then said, "That's not what I meant."

Yeah whatever.
Kevin said…
Lol, straight boys can be so stupid sometimes. Hell if white=gayness then pretty ALL black people should be gay.