Mormon Church Donated $190,000 for Prop 8

Oh how the mighty have fallen (or at least been exposed). On Friday the Mormon Church, facing an ongoing investigation by the state Fair Political Practices Commission, reported that it spent $190,000 in the campaign to pass Propostion 8, a figure previously unlisted and denied by the church. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

"The report, filed with the secretary of state's office, listed a variety of California travel expenses for high-ranking members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and included $20,575 for use of facilities and equipment at the church's Salt Lake City headquarters and a $96,849 charge for "compensated staff time" for church employees who worked on matters pertaining to Prop. 8."

Up until Friday, the Mormon Church denied the claims made by Prop 8 opponents that they had spent big money on the 'Yes on 8' campaign, saying they had only spent $2,078. Guess they forgot about the other $187,922 they forked out to deny other folks their civil rights. But then again, it wasn't like the church was ready to reveal the full extent of their Prop 8 activities.


emissary said…
If you want the truth, read the Church's own press release.
Kevin said…
@ emissary: Thanks for showing me that report, but it doesn't change the fact that the Mormon Church denied the amount of money they actually contributed to the Yes on 8 campaign. If all this was the case, then why not say so from the jump?

Also if you want the truth about the extent of the church's Prop 8 activities, view this: