Thieves In the Temple

Lawd come quick and in a hurry! The Mormons (or at least the pro-Prop 8 ones) are gettin' all Mafia on us! Wonder what Donnie and Marie have to say about this?

Crossposted from Pam's House Blend:

Watch all of this seven-minute video from Steven Greenstreet with the American News Project, which uncovered evidence that the LDS is bearing false witness about the cash that they flowed into Yes On 8 coffers to foment hate and discrimination.

Activists claim that money from the Mormon Church was the deciding factor in passing Proposition 8 in California - banning gay marriage. The church claims to have only spent a few thousand dollars on the campaign, but ANP has uncovered evidence that may expose a gaping hole in that claim. Also, the IRS forbids religious organizations from "substantially" lobbying for political legislation. Did the Mormon Church violate this law?