The Gayest Thing About Christmas....

Photo: NBC

I'll leave you gals to finish the sentence above. In the meantime, grab an eggnog and read Bryan Moylan's article about the subtle/not-so-subtle (or imagined, depending on if you buy his argument) gay subtext of the Christmas flick Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

An excerpt:

“For a year the Donner family did a good job hiding Rudolph’s — non-conformity,” the narrator tells us, pausing slightly before landing on the right euphemism. This is the closet of Rudolph’s parents devising, which he goes along with thanks to the internalized homophobia that he inherited from both his father and Santa, the superego of the North Pole, who is equally distressed by Rudolph’s difference. Santa even goes so far as to tell Donner that he should be ashamed of his son and try to change him. It’s almost as if Santa is a church elder trying to force Rudolph into conversion therapy."

Yea, Moylan's goin' in. Read the rest HERE.