The Big 30

Well, it's official: my twenties are over (well, not quite--I was born at 12:25 p.m.! Mama is holding to her youth as long she can!) It's been an eventful decade to say the least, one filled with emotional ups and downs, many of which I've chronicled here. And while I don't feel like I've "arrived," at where I am supposed to be in all areas in my life (though the older I get, the more I realize the concept of arriving at a fixed, ideal destination is a goalpost that keeps getting pushed further and further back) my head does feel like a straighter on my shoulders than it did a decade ago.

But enough with the introspection. It's a celebration bitches! And with that said, I'd like to present my "Dirty Thirty" playlist, designed to take all my 80's and 90's babies back down memory lane like Minnie Riperton. Or, in the spirit of the playlist, like Nas, who sampled "Memory Lane" on "Illmatic." Know ya' 90's hip hop! Anyway, get into the playlist below: