AIDS Research Pioneer Dr. Mathilde Krim To Join Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

AIDS research pioneer and amfAR founding chairmen Dr. Mathilde Krim will have two photographic portaits, one by Annie Leibovitz and one by Joyce Tenneson (pictured above), placed in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

“It is a great honor to include Dr. Mathilde Krim’s portraits in our collection not only because of her invaluable contribution to this country in science, but also for her tireless work in AIDS research and awareness,” Kim Sajet, director of the museum, said in a release. “We are continually working to build the Portrait Gallery’s collection to reflect American achievement by highlighting those who make a difference in the U.S., and Dr. Krim is an exemplar in her field.”

The portraits will debut in November in a new gallery exhibit.