Looking Season 2 Ep.9 Recap: “Looking For Sanctuary”

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With just one episode left, it's time for Looking to begin wrapping up the season's various story arcs, and “Looking For Sanctuary,” starts to do just, laying down a few plot twists and hinting at where our three leads will end up once the finale rolls around.

Kevin and Patrick continue to take their relationship at warp speed. Kevin is buying a new apartment, giving he and Patrick the opportunity to do couples things like fantasize about banging up against the front window and bounce on beds while shopping for mattresses. And Patrick takes Kevin to meet his mother Dana (which rhymes with banana) for dinner, which goes very well.

It's not all paradise though. Patrick's sister Megan is not happy with the recent developments in his personal life. Jon is her husband's best friend, and she is definitely team Jon, defriending Kevin on Facebook and refusing to come to the aforementioned dinner. Like any mother, Dana is playing referee to her two squabbling offspring, and asks (more like tells) Patrick to come to the zoo with her and Megan so they can come to an understanding.

Easier said than done. Proving passive aggressiveness is a family trait, Megan is all veiled, barbed comments during their family outing until Patrick calls her out. The two go back and forth over Patrick's recent choices, but like most sibling arguments, it runs much deeper. For Megan, Patrick's homewrecking ways, and their mother's acceptance of his new relationship—along with him not having to worry about providing grandkids, having a career as video game developer and being able to live in San Francisco—is just another example of the special treatment her brother receives due to his sexuality. Of course, we know from watching Patrick ( as well as Agustin and Dom) these past two seasons that Megan's belief that gay equals total frivolous freedom is untrue. Still, it's an opinion not often given voice, and adds a layer of complexity to Megan beyond the judgmental sister.

Dana has a bomb of her own to drop, that being she's been having an emotional affair with a man named Dennis and is thinking of leaving their father/her husband. She says she's going to pursue things with Dennis so she can honor her truth. Megan asks her about honoring the truth of her marriage, to which Dana answers that the longer you are with someone, the more complicated that truth becomes. Patrick's love life has been one big ol' bowl of complicated for as long as we've known him (a fact Dana hits him with by subtly underlining how her current dilemma is similar to the one he just resolved), so when she asks for their support, he falls in line, with Megan quickly following suit. As with recent episodes of GIRLS, which have dealt with the fallout of Hannah's dad Tad's coming out, “Looking For Sanctuary” mines the bewildering, but ultimately maturing experience of realizing your parents aren't perfect automatons, but human beings with their own flaws, fears and problems.

As with attending Doris's dad's funeral a few weeks back, talking to his mother—and importantly, hearing her talk about how her choices, good or bad, have been hers to make—inspires Patrick to leap across another milestone with Kevin, as he agrees to move in and spend Christmas with him. Patrick's story seems to be wrapped up with a big bow, but with one episode left, anything can happen—especially when you consider Patrick is hosting a house warming party next week. Here's hoping there's no tequila.

Agustin moves forward in his personal life this week as well. Eddie is in a bind when an artist he hired for the homeless shelter doesn't show up. After fielding a few far-fetched questions about Truvada (like Agustin asking if the drug will make him go into convulsions), he asks Agustin to pull himself out of his self-imposed artistic sabbatical and create something for the kids.

The two run into Frank of all people while looking over a rough draft of Agustin's handiwork, and things get suitably awkward. Agustin brings up his work with homeless trans kids, though Frank still eyes him suspiciously, almost squinting to see if this same man he made the mistake of moving in with. Eddie admirably backs up Agustin's claims of turning over a new leaf, and though he still doesn't appear convinced, Frank offers to meet up sometime before leaving.

Frank's not only one taking the new Agustin with a grain of salt. Charm and a great sense of humor aside, Eddie has been keeping Agustin at arms' length, skeptical of the depth of his feelings. Later, Eddie brings up the fact Agustin introduced him as a friend, but Agustin correctly counters that Eddie was the one who didn't want to label their relationship.

“I want to be your boyfriend,” Agustin says. “What do I have to do?” Eddie finally gives in, and the two kiss.

Not so good at bonding this week are Dom and Doris. The latter comes to the former's chicken window with some bad news: her uncle is contesting her father's will, which means the money she promised him will be on hold for at least few months. True to form, Dom lashes out at the hand who tries to help him, even scoffing when Doris reminds him her father just passed. Later, he brings some Fro-Yo to their apartment as a peace offering, but for her the argument has illuminated the dysfunctions in their friendship.

“We're a codependent mess,” she tells him while packing her things to leave, and hearing her confess to feeling guilty about prioritizing Dom over Malik, it's hard to disagree. To draw on the episode's title, Doris needs sanctuary, and at the moment that is her boyfriend's place.

Dom wanted to realize his dream on his own. Sadly, it looks like he's gotten his wish.

--Other Thoughts:

--No Richie this week, but given the larger role Kevin now occupies in Patrick's life, it makes sense we'd see less of him. Hmm, perhaps we'll see him at the Kevin and Patrick's house warming party next week? If the two did hookup, it'd be nice reversal of the season one finale, though it would undo a lot of the work of establishing Kevin as an integral part of the show.

--“Fuck you! Hope all your dreams come true!” Doris is priceless.

--Dana: “Did you want a Xanax honey? 'Cause I got some.” Spoken like a true WASP.