Looking Season 2 Ep. 8 Recap: “Looking For Glory”

Photo Credit: HBO

So here we are. Jon is out of the picture, Patrick's ready for love, and he and Kevin are together and committed. And a kinda annoying. Maybe it because it's two weeks in (according to rise n' shade Agustin's serves up to Patrick) and their engaging in activities like Patrick wearing Kevin's atrocious dog sweater and comparing their love triangle to Brad, Angelina and Jennifer Aniston's.

“Oh god, you don't think people are going to be team Jon do you?” Patrick muses to Kevin over cereal as they talk of letting an appropriate amount of time pass--a.k.a the courtesy gap--before informing people they're now a legit couple. Don't get me wrong; Kevin and Patrick definitely have genuine chemistry and a real connection. But from their co-workers (one of whom worries the corporate environment will become hostile to heterosexuals) to Richie and Brady, their assertion of being booed up carries with it an undercurrent of aggression. It's like they're saying “We're together. Now deal with it.”

That said, “Looking For Glory,” does lays out a few of the challenges these two face. The bit about several employees calling HR was played for laughs; however, the possibility Patrick may have to bear the brunt of his co-workers' distrust, resentment or outright hostility (including work buddy Owen) is very real. So is the chance his sister--who thought Jon walked on water--may never forgive him. And Agustin doesn't seem all that enamored with Kevin, a reasonable reaction given all the tears he's had to help mop up up to this point.

Given all this scrutiny and skepticism, it's understandable Patrick would want to press fast forward on things, prodding Kevin to take their relationship out of he and Agustin's apartment and into the world. But is that the right move? Further blending their work and personal business, they decide to take their app One Up Him to GaymerX, a gay-centric, San Francisco-based conference where techies come to debut new apps liked Glorified--a hookup app that lets its users find the nearest glory holes--and attend the after party prom. Patrick and Kevin meet their latest tribunal when Richie and Brady, there so the latter can write a possible feature story, spot them and Kevin, one-upping an apprehensive Patrick, outs them as a couple and suggests a dinner double date.

Later, while Kevin escorts a drunk Brady to the bathroom, Patrick tells Richie (who I might add came off particularly judgmental this week) that the combination of losing it at Doris' dad's funeral and having the last guy (i.e. Richie) who showed up at his doorstep tell him he wasn't ready to fall in love inspired him to take a chance.

But Patrick seems to have forgotten that part of the reason Richie came to this conclusion was because he tried to push their relationship to places it wasn't ready to go to yet--like his sister's wedding. In short, he moved too fast, and his “I love you” to Kevin (who reciprocates) notwithstanding, there's a sense both of them are racing to raise the stakes, to prove to everyone and themselves this is real deal. Again, there's a genuine foundation for a lasting relationship here. But like their not-quite-ready app, they may have gone public too soon.

This week was Agustin's turn to get swept up into a AIDS panic, as getting, how shall we say, splashed in the eye by Eddie during sex, sends him running to the bathroom to check his pupils for infection and to Dom for advice. Dom, not exactly in the mood to suffer fools or freakouts, reminds him it's 2015, not 1994, and to chill out and look into a Truvada prescription. Eddie, having come to this juncture more than once, starts to write him off as another hypocritical, closed-minded queen until Agustin promises to deal with his issues. So it's back to smooth sailing, for now.
Meanwhile, Dom is heading straight for a confrontation with Doris. He's thrown himself into renovating his chicken window space, quitting his job and maxing out his credit cards while waiting on the money Doris promised, which has been slow to arrive. Normally she'd help him do things like put in the water filter, but now that's she in a couple, it's off to attend a birthday party for one of Malik's relatives. Dom's been pretty mature and supportive about Doris' diminished presence in his life so far; but judging from the message he leaves--probably not the first one--while standing in front of his restaurant alone, his patience is wearing thin.

Other Thoughts:

--Next week seems to promise a family showdown between Patrick and his sister, with their mother playing referee. It's been a minute since we've seen Patrick interact with his family, so this ought to be good.

--After presenting him as a successful, got-it-together gay, particularly in contrast to Patrick in “Looking for Gordon Freeman,” “Looking For Glory,” took some of the shine off Brady via a--you guessed it--drunken rant. Well really, Brady was so blasted he didn't so much rant as lose the ability to censor and quiet himself. Along with calling out his boyfriend's judgmental nature, he confesses he no longer believes a few things he and Richie said about Patrick and Kevin; that being the former is “A 13-year-old girl, scared of his vagina,” and that the two of them represented everything wrong with the gay community. Not that Patrick didn't have a more than a little of that coming, but Brady may want to practice moderation in the future.

--“This isn't the Devil Wears Dog shirt.”

--So far, the reaction to One Up Him isn't good. Its first reviewer gave it one star, charging it with encouraging stereotypes. Guess everyone doesn't see the fun in otters vs. bears.