Stem Cell Breakthrough May Mean Biological Children for Gay Couples

This is interesting. A breakthrough in stem cell research by scientists at Cambridge University and the Weizmann Institute in Israel has found human sperm and eggs can be created from stem cells derived from adult skin, regardless of the donor's gender. Which also means it would be also be possible for same-sex couples to have their own biological children.

Lgbtqnation, citing Medical Daily and the journal Cell, reports that "While this breakthrough could help men and women who have been rendered infertile by disease, gay groups have also expressed hope that this project will eventually lead to the creation of children made from stem cells derived from same-sex parents.

The researchers published their findings in the journal Cell earlier this week, stressing that it’s early days for this type of research.

Dr. Jacob Hanna, an investigator with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, told ABC News that the team will now attempt to complete the process by creating fully developed artificial sperm and eggs, either in a dish or by implanting them in a rodent."

According to Dr. Hanna, creating a baby using these methods could be possible in as little as two years.

Obviously it'd be wonderful if gay couples could have biological children of our own. But this will also need to be extremely well regulated to avoid ethical and safety issues. Imagine some greedy lab worker selling sperm and eggs to the highest bidder? Or unstable person snatching the skin of some famous athlete or musician to create sperm so they can technically have a baby by them and subsequently get paid (it probably doesn't help that I'm knee deep in a Law and Order: SVU marathon as I post this).

What do you think?