The Emperor's New Mix

While I'm still hard at work on finishing the tracks for Bougie Beats - The Remixes, --the original Bougie Beats EP is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon for $4.95, and free streaming on Spotify by the way--I managed to squirrel away a few hours and finish my first ever DJ mixtape, a 10-song minimix of tracks by Marilyn Manson, a.k.a. The Pale Emperor (or Antichrist Superstar, Omega or The God of F*ck if you like).

At this point I'd definitely consider myself an amateur DJ, but the final product came out nicely (or deliciously evil, given the artist:). As for Bougie Beats - The Remixes, I'm a little over halfway through the album, which is shaping up to be a house record--deep house, tech house, electro house, ballroom/vogue and so on--with nu disco, trap/hip hop, and breakbeat elements in the mix. Teasers for all the finished tracks are available for free download and are posted on my Soundcloud page.

In the meantime listen, enjoy, download the Marilyn Manson "(Sensei Minimix)" below, and look forward to many more! (Listen HERE if the embedded file doesn't play).