Supreme Court Rejects Florida Attorney General Request, Allows Marriage Equality

Mmmkay, so here's some good news, bad news. The good news? On Friday, the Supreme Court says it will allow same-sex couples in Florida to begin marrying on January 6, rejecting the request by attorney general Pam Bondi to extend a federal judge's stay.

The bad news? Same-sex couples could still be turned away come January. Why? Because in an act of supreme douchebaggery, The Florida Association of Clerks and Comptrollers has warned its members that since Florida's marriage ban is still on the books and the case is in litigation, anyone giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples will be committing a criminal act. Clerks who issue license could face up to a year in jail.

As The Advocate reports, it's hard to imagine the police actually arresting someone for issuing a marriage license. Still, the fact this could even be a reality (sadly, I could easily see this happening in Louisiana as well--just sayin') is just one more ugly hurdle the Sunshine state has to cross to achieve marriage equality.


Kevin T said…
All this just to marry. A mess!