Federal Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

Marriage equality has arrived in Arizona. A federal judge struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage, refusing to put a hold on the ruling while the stay decides whether to appeal. Which means, Arizona is now the 31st state where LGBT couples can wed.

"The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that substantially identical provisions of Nevada and Idaho law that prohibit same-sex marriages are invalid because they deny same-sex couples equal protection of the law, the right to which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States," Judge John Sedwick wrote in his four-page ruling. "This court is bound by decisions of the Court of Appeals."

Arizona Attorney General Thom Horne plans not to appeal the decision.

"I have decided not to appeal today’s decision, which would be an exercise in futility and which would serve only the purpose of wasting taxpayer’s money," Horne said, according to the Blade. "The probability of persuading the 9th circuit to reverse today’s decision is zero. The probability of the United States Supreme Court accepting review of the 9th circuit decision is also zero."

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