Russian Court Upholds Country's LGBT "Propaganda Law"

More mess from mother Russia. The country's highest court has upheld the ban on what it deems "LGBT propaganda," claiming the law was necessary to prevented children from being recruited into a non-heterosexual society.

The Advocate reports activists Nikolay Alekseev, Yaroslav Evtushenko, and Dmitry Isakov filed the complaint with the Constitutional Court of Russia, claiming it violated both their right to free speech and also discriminated against them.

"The court, however, said the law was aimed at protecting minors from information that could "push [them] to nonconventional sexual relationships, which in their turn prevent from building a family, as it is traditionally understood in Russia." The court also said the law was not an outright ban or censure of homosexuality.

Constitutional Court judge Nikolay Bondar said the law also contends that minors must not be allowed in pro-LGBT events like rallies or discussions, nor can the information promoted be aimed at young people.

"The practices of some European countries, which are connected with the deformation of traditional values of family and marriage, can't be an example for us," Bondar said."

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