Saturday, August 2, 2014

We've Got The Beat

Okay, so posting has been a wee light this week--partly because of freelance work (check out my recaps of Orange Is The New Black and True Blood over at mainly due to toiling over "Beat The Breaker," another track from Bougie Beats, my still-in-the-works EP.

While "Une Peu Maison," "Euphoria" and "Nightlife" are in the house/techno vein, "Beat The Breaker" as the title implies, is a breakbeat track, with snatches of trap and Southern rap(which, if we're being real, is 90 percent of what trap basically is--Southern rap filtered through electronic production) blended in.

"Beat The Breaker" went through a few stages; first it had an ambient, watery kind of sound. Oceanic synth pop if you will--hmmm I may to revisit that at some point--before morphing into a minimalist, bass-heavy house track. Neither version was coming together, but just as I would about to bang my head against my keyboard and rend my garments, I found a pair of synths and a breakbeat loop and all was right with the world.

With "Beat The Breaker" in the can, I have just one more track in mind and the EP will be complete. I also have ideas for a logo, album cover, a photoshoot and remixes that should be coming down the pike in the coming months.

Take a listen to "Beat The Breaker" below.

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Kevin T said...

I can hear this in a club going off. Good job, man!

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