We've Got The Beat

Okay, so posting has been a wee light this week--partly because of freelance work (check out my recaps of Orange Is The New Black and True Blood over at Butlerway.com)--but mainly due to toiling over "Beat The Breaker," another track from Bougie Beats, my still-in-the-works EP.

While "Une Peu Maison," "Euphoria" and "Nightlife" are in the house/techno vein, "Beat The Breaker" as the title implies, is a breakbeat track, with snatches of trap and Southern rap(which, if we're being real, is 90 percent of what trap basically is--Southern rap filtered through electronic production) blended in.

"Beat The Breaker" went through a few stages; first it had an ambient, watery kind of sound. Oceanic synth pop if you will--hmmm I may to revisit that at some point--before morphing into a minimalist, bass-heavy house track. Neither version was coming together, but just as I would about to bang my head against my keyboard and rend my garments, I found a pair of synths and a breakbeat loop and all was right with the world.

With "Beat The Breaker" in the can, I have just one more track in mind and the EP will be complete. I also have ideas for a logo, album cover, a photoshoot and remixes that should be coming down the pike in the coming months.

Take a listen to "Beat The Breaker" below.


Kevin T said…
I can hear this in a club going off. Good job, man!