Death Of Handcuffed Louisiana Man Shot In Chest Ruled Suicide

 Victor White III/KLFY Screenshot

A Louisiana man who state police say shot and killed himself in March while in police custody, died of a gunshot wound to the chest, not to the back, as police had initially reported, according to an autopsy report.

The Root reports that "The shooting occurred in the backseat of a patrol car after Victor White III was arrested for drug possession, KLFY notes. White’s hands were apparently cuffed behind his back as he was transported to jail. Once there, the 22-year-old reportedly did not want to get out of the patrol car. At some point, a gun that he was allegedly hiding in his pants appeared and he shot himself in the back, according to police reports.

However, according to KATC, the first page of the autopsy report, released by the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office, details how White was shot in the chest, completely contradicting earlier police reports made after the fateful night in early March.

The bullet entered the young man’s chest and pierced his left lung and his heart before exiting around his armpit, according to the autopsy, which also called White’s death a “suicide.”'

State Police Master Trooper Brooks David states the investigation into White's death is still open, according to KATC.