Christian Univ. Expels Lesbian Student For Getting Married

A student at a Christian college in Oklahoma has been expelled for marrying her female partner, just one semester before she was scheduled to graduate., citing Religion News Service, reports that 22-year-old Christian Minard says "a letter came to her parents’ home last Wednesday from Southwestern Christian University saying she was no longer welcome at the school because her relationship violated the “lifestyle covenant” all students must sign, which prohibits, among other things, “homosexual behavior.”

Minard, who married girlfriend Kadyn Parks back in March in New Mexico, said school officials became aware of her marriage recently through Facebook. Minard said while she is aware she violated the university's covenant, she believes it is applied inconsistently.

“Students violate parts of that covenant all the time, but they don’t get expelled,” she told Religion News Service. “I didn’t even get a hearing, just a letter to my parents.”

Now Minard has to find another school to attend--a situation exacerbated by the fact no other schools in the area offer her degree program--or may have to begin paying back student loans. University officials have declined to comment.

Watch the CNN report below (and ignore the ignorant comments if you watch it on the clip's YouTube page).