Anti-Gay Bakery Provides Cakes For Ex-Gay Ministry

Ain't this 'bout Oregon bakery that made national headlines after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple is now kicking out goodies for an ex-gay organization.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa posted a Facebook pic of cakes (see some of their handiwork above) commissioned for Restored Hope, a religious organization that advocates reparative, or "ex-gay" therapy, with a caption that read "Cakes For Restored Hope Network. What a wonderful ministry!"

Restore Hope is helmed by "ex-lesbian" Anne Paulk--whose ex-husband John Paulk recently came out as gay again, if you haven't been up on the "ex-gay" tea--who recently claimed that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is linked to “any government (state or federal) that encourages men to have sex with other men and does not allow those with unwanted same-sex attraction to receive talk therapy." If you say so hon.

As for Sweet Cakes, it appears owner Aaron Klein is mighty selective as to what offends his religious sensibilities. Gay couples are a no no, but the bakery is happy to bake goods to celebrate divorces, babies born out of wedlock, stem cell research and a pagan solstice--complete with pentagram. 

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