Orange Is The New Black Recap: Piper's Still Piper

Photo Credit: Netflix

Head over to and check out my recap for Orange Is The New Black's season premiere, "Thirsty Bird," an episode that focuses almost entirely on our self-absorbed heroine and her family background. An excerpt:

"While having a philanderer for a dad and an early 90′s version of Betty Draper for a mother aren’t excuses of landing oneself in jail (and even if it they were, there are far more powerful ones, many of which have been shown on OITNB), learning about her parents’ flaws gives further insight to Piper’s personality. Witnessing her dad’s hypocrisy and her mom’s denial made it possible for her to be the walking contradiction she is today;  she can embody both bad girl and  “the nice blond lady” as long as the two don’t bleed over into one another. 

To put it in paraphrased Mad Men terms, Piper learned from her father how to be bad and then go home and be good. For her, lying has long been a courtesy, an act of protection extended to those you love."

Read the rest HERE. I'll be recapping one to two episodes per week, and do a big season review after watching the finale.