Nothin' But The Blood

Head over to to read my recap of True Blood's "Jesus Gonna Be Here," the first episode of the show's final season, which contain moments both surprising--like Tara's true death (though some doubt her demise)--and potentially groan-inducing, like a possible Sookie-Bill reunion.

An excerpt:

"These aren’t new revelations—the town has had its collective nose turned up at Sookie ever since she found her grandmother Adele dead in her kitchen, and she’s cried a river of tears over the pain of hearing others’ thoughts...which brings me to another potential route the show can go—Sookie and Bill getting back together. Groan. Notice Sookie did not count Bill among those whose ugly thoughts she can read. Being a vampire, his mind is unknown to her, which of course explains her attraction to him. She can be “normal” around him, and while Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are great together in a scene, the show has gone to the Bill-Sookie well so many times there’s barely any water left.

I hope the show resists the urge to scratch this rom-com itch; the only way I could see things playing out in a dramatically satisfying way is if Sookie was put in a situation where she had to use her nuclear fairy bomb—which would cause her to lose her fae abilities, including telepathy and put Alcide and Bill on equal footing as romantic partners. A human Sookie having to make that choice? Compelling. Fairy Sookie running through the graveyard to Compton Manor to rehash the same ol’ same ol’? Chile please."

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