I Love The Nightlife

Here's another one. "Nightlife," a harder edge house cut with shades of Miss Jackson's "Throb" is in the can and ready for your ears. Get into it below:

Two other tracks are still in the works, and after they're mixed and done, so shall the EP, which I'm tentatively calling Bougie Beats, be. I'll probably post teasers of those aforementioned tracks to perk up ya' earbuds instead of the full audio. Mama can't give away all her gravy for free.

I'm also mulling over ideas for a logo to put on stickers and T-shirts, as well as concepts for a cover image for the EP. A photoshoot, possibly for the EP or just general promo pics, will happen once the EP's completely done and I've scratched together a few coins--if only so I don't have to keep using the same photoshopped bathroom pic.

Be on the look out for more music and Afro Sensi updates.