Gay Texas Dads Denied Adoption Rights, Even With DNA Evidence

Mess. A Texas gay couple have been denied the right to be listed on their twin sons birth certificates. Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs's petition for cross adoption has been denied, despite submitting DNA proof that each man is the biological father to each one of their sons.

The courts also refused to take the surrogate mother, who not is related to either twin, as the boys were conceived through an egg donor from the birth certificates.

"I went in very optimistic," Hanna told Tamron Hall in an interview with MSNBC's NewsNation. "We are the biological dads. We have the paperwork. And there's no reason we should not have full adoption rights to our own children."

Despite being married in Massachusetts, Hanna and Riggs are not considered a legally married couple in Texas, which allows individual judges to approve or deny cross adoption petitions of unmarried couples. The couple has the option to re-petition or take their case to another judge.

Watch the NewsNation interview HERE.