Random Jam: Betty Black 'Come Back Lover (Lauren Flax Remix)'

You may or may not heard of Betty Black, the multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician whose sound is an expansive blend of everything from R&B, retro psychedelia-infused pop and electronica to garage rock and Southern-gothic blues. But if you're planning to spend the summer in the club or on the festival circuit--or if you're just an house/EDM junkie like moi--you will soon.

The singer, who also goes by Sally Black, has dropped a remix of her song "Come Back Lover." Handing the production honors over to up-and-comer Lauren Flax, who transforms the tortured torch song vibe of the original to a lush house anthem, designed for nights when heartbreak is better suited to be sweated out on the dancefloor.

The "Come Black Lover," is the first of a slew of remixes and singles to get fans primed for Black's upcoming album Valley Low, a follow up to last year's Bad Weather that's set to come out in the fall. In the meantime, listen to Flax's remix below.