Michael Jai White, Tyson Beckford May Star In Stripper Flick

Chile, Christmas has come early this year! The success of Magic Mike--which promises more sweaty muscle mania with a sequel next year--has opened the door for Chocolate City, a stripper flick by indie filmmaker Jean-Claude LaMarre. Actors and resident man candy Michael Jai White and Tyson Beckford are currently in talks to star in the film.

Centric.com notes that "Chocolate City centers on Devin, a college student who is struggling to stay financially afloat. He meets the owner of a male strip club (White) who convinces him to give amateur night a chance. Beckford is slated to play Adrian, the club's former star who finds his popularity fading as Devin becomes the fan favorite. Devin will also fight to balance his religious upbringing with his new, not-so-holy career path."

LaMarre, who also wrote the script and is slated to direct the project, says he researched the male exotic dancer scene, going to clubs that targeted black women.  LaMarre hopes to market the movie, which begins production next month, in theaters in urban markets.

Trust me, the girls won't be only ones lining up to see this flick. Now if they can get Dwayne Johnson, Larenz Tate, Shemar Moore, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut down for the cause...maybe Will Smith and Gregory Keith wouldn't mind slipping into (and out of) a banana hammock.