Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian Village, At Least 150 Dead

This situation just keeps getting worse. New details have emerged about a Boko Haram attack on a Nigerian village, with at least 150 people suspected dead.

According to, militants "backed by armored personnel carriers and shouting "God is great" attacked Gamboru Ngala Monday afternoon, firing rocket-propelled grenades and tossing improvised bombs into a crowded outdoor marketplace.

They then set fire to buildings where people had tried to take shelter from the violence, the witnesses said. The fighters also attacked the police station during the 12-hour assault, initially facing stiff resistance. They eventually used explosives to blow the roof off the building, witnesses said. Fourteen police officers were found dead inside, they said.

The death toll from the attack could rise as high as 300.

Of course, Boko Haram has been in the headlines as international pressure and outrage continues to mount over the abduction of nearly 300 girls by the group, with its leader Abubakar Shekau threatening to sell the girls into slavery. The Nigerian government has accepted aid from the U.S. and Britain, with the U.S. working to provide intelligence, investigations and hostage negotiation expertise through establishing a "coordination cell." Britain plans to send a small team to compliment the U.S. team.

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