South Dakota Lesbian Couple Prepare to Wed, Sue State for Recognition

A South Dakota lesbian couple plan to get married this weekend in Minneapolis. Then after the honeymoon's over, go Erin Brockovich on their home state's ass. Nancy Robrahn and Jennie Rosenkranz, who have been together nearly 30 years, will join two other gay couples in filing a class-action lawsuit to overturn the state's ban on same-sex marriage, along with the prohibit against recognizing legal same-sex marriages performed in other states.

"We are approaching the time when end of life decisions and plans need to be made.  There are many federal protections that will become available to us through this Minnesota marriage," said Robrahn in a statement on Madia Law, LLC's website. "We hope to see the day when couples like us don’t have to travel out of South Dakota to marry."

Robrahn and Rosenkranz will be married Saturday in a private ceremony at the Community of Christ Church in Minneapolis by the city's mayor Besty Hodges. Nationally, there are 65 separate cases seeking marriage equality in 31 states and territories, including Puerto Rico, according to the group Freedom to Marry.