It's A Mad, Mad World


Head over to to read my recap of Mad Men's season seven premiere "Time Zones," which finds our fedora-wearing anti-hero at the precipice of another crisis, not that that's a surprise. Don's always got drama, but chile Peggy's not fairing much better personally or professionally.

"[New boss Lou Avery is] nice, and funny (in a Dad sort of way), and patient and agreeable. You’d think Peggy would be happy, but nope;  she can’t stand what she feels is the mediocre work he and the rest of the creative team are churning out, pushing Stan to create an ad for her/Freddy’s Acutron pitch even after Lou signed off on another idea. As much she may have resented, or outright hated Don at various points, she fed off of and was inspired by his fire and restlessness. It was the high that sustained her through the many lows—the scapegoating, the berating, the tossing of dollar bills in her face—of their complicated partnership. She may or may not miss the man himself, but she definitely misses the energy he brought to the office.

Of course, Peggy may not be so unhappy at work if she was fulfilled in her personal life. But we know Ms. Olsen has never been able to keep that glass half full. Ted has fled for California—though judging from his lack of a tan and Pete’s comments about his sour attitude, Cali’s not the cure-all he’d hoped it be—though she can’t be completely free of him, as he keeps popping up in the New York office to check in on things, rubbing salt in a still-fresh wound. Her home life consists of little more than fighting with a tenant and her kid over repairs; she practically begs her sister Anita’s husband Jerry to stay the night so he can fix a broken toilet. Her boss is immune to her creative charms, and her ex-lover/boss is immune (or acts like he is) to her feminine ones. Is it any wonder she breaks down in tears when Jerry leaves?"

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