We Do Not Touch The First Ladies

Head over to Butlerway.com to check out my recap of Scandal's "We Do Not Touch The First Ladies," which delves a bit deeper into Mellie's hard knock pre-first lady life, along with the general insanity of Olitz, Cyrus and James and Sally Langston. An excerpt:

"In the wake of last fall’s “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie,” there was some concern in online quarters that Mellie’s rape at the hands of Fitz’s cretinous father was, like Mama Pope eating her own wrists, simply done for shock value, and the full impact of it would be swept under the rug. “

'We Do Not Touch The First Ladies,” should put such fears to rest.  A series of flashbacks show the beginning of the end of Mellie and Fitz functioning like a loving couple; A huge fight erupts over Mellie’s new frigidness and her refusal to attend a ceremony honoring Ftiz Sr. Not knowing the truth, Fitz assumes he did something wrong, then lashes out at her when she won’t reveal what’s happened. As with Olivia, Mellie long ago decided the greater good—in this case being her husband’s political career—was more important than any personal pain or cost she’d have to pay. What she (or Liv for that matter) didn’t anticipate was how it would destroy her  life, breaking down she and Fitz’s marriage until it became the bitter, hollow shell it is now."

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