Thoughts About The New 'X-Men Days of Future Past' Trailer


So the latest trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past has been rolled out for the masses. A few thoughts:
  1. Bringing two generations of X-Men together appears to be paying off, judging from tense, emotional clips shown between young and old Professor X, or Magneto expressing regret over a lifetime battling his former friend. Having all this history to draw from can give the franchise a good shot in the arm narrative-wise.
  2. Extending the first thought, it looks like Magneto and Professor X will be the only ones to interact with their younger selves. It'd be great to see Beast or Mystique (Cyclops and Jean appear to be sitting this one out) or even Storm meet their youthful doppelgangers. Of course, it's only a trailer, so we may see more of these pair offs.
  3. Speaking of Storm, she may be heading off into that good night courtesy of some nether realm-looking nightmare creature. I know some folks who've never been here for Halle Berry's portrayal of Storm that are probably cheering right now. I personally never had that much of problem with it, though IMO Angela Bassett or Khandi Alexander could bring more of the powerful, regal dimension to the character.
  4. It looks the Sentinels will be making their debut this time around
  5. Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender are looking delicious as usual.
  6. Is anyone else ready to get their life to the awesome/awesomely bad 70's fashions on the display?
Watch the trailer below.