Good Lookin' Out


If you're a little behind on HBO's Looking, head over to and read my recaps of "Looking For Uncut," in which Patrick ruins what could be a good thing with the handsome Richie, and the latest episode, "Looking At Your Web Browser History," where Paddy against puts his foot in his mouth.  An excerpt from the latter:

Patrick strolls into a launch party for new video game Naval Destroyer with co-worker Owen, vowing to have fun and put the whole Richie debacle behind him. Unfortunately he hasn’t learned to stop putting his foot in his mouth. After a short conversation, during which he rather defensively answers Kevin’s question as to why he always plays with female character–he identifies with their outsider status in the gaming world– Patrick mocks his British accent before chasing after him to prove he’s gay.

While straddling a torpedo, Patrick clumsily makes a play for Kevin, before he reveals a) yes he is gay but b) he’s got a boyfriend and c) he’s moving to San Francisco to put together a team for new game for Patrick’s company. Which means he also Patrick’s new boss. “I asked out my boss while straggling a torpedo,” he tells Owen. Oh Paddy.