George Zimmerman And DMX Boxing Match Canceled

Thank goodness! George Zimmerman and DMX will not be facing off in that abomination called a "celebrity" boxing match. Apparently the promoter had a change of heart.  Even so, why he or anyone ever considered George Zimmerman a celebrity--or how DMX, strung out or not, would ever agree to this--boggles my mind.

George Zimmerman stalked and fatally shot an unarmed teenager. He is indirectly responsible for Trayvon Martin being vilified in death as a lawless thug instead of a teenager who made a few of the same bad/dumb decisions many of us made as teens (smoking a little weed, getting into trouble at school, etc.). And somehow he managed to beat the rap for it. A public figure? In the broadest definition of the word, yes. But a celebrity? A star? Hell no. Never.

Anyway, read several of promoter Damon Feldman's apologetic tweets for this mess below.