'GIRLS' Premiere and 'Good Intentions'

Photo: HBO

Head over to Butlerway.com to check my two latest pieces, "10 Things We Learned From GIRLS Season 3 Premiere," where we catch up with Hannah and the gang's latest self-involved exploits. There are links to both episodes as well. Also, check out "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Resolution," where I muse on why most New Year's resolutions are doomed to failure.An excerpt from the GIRLS piece:

2. Shoshanna has transformed into a powerful Miranda/Samantha hybrid.
At least that’s she’d like her friends to believe when detailing her plan to hit the books during the day and hit the sheets at night. It’s not the worst move in the world; judging from the substantial upgrade in her makeup/clothing choices—along with the man greeting her face-to-face in her bed bunk first thing in the morning—this is not the same girl who didn’t know what a butt plug was. Though the monstrously dense naïvete she displays in viewing Jessa’s whirlwind, self-destructive lifestyle as  glamorous, E! True Hollywood Story window dressing would make even Charlotte wanna smack some sense into her.