'You Can Play', NFL Team Up With LGBT Youth

The You Can Play project, a non-profit group focused on LGBT equality and inclusion in sports, has teamed up with the NFL for its 'High Five' initiative.

An effort to start a dialogue between LGBT youth and prominent sports figures, the initiative will begin with former NFL players and executives visiting the Hetrick Martin Institute in New York City. One of the country's oldest and largest LGBT organizations, the Institute provides LGBT youth an array of social support and resources, including arts and culture, academic enrichment and job readiness.

“We believe that the power of storytelling is a transformative experience that helps to broaden and foster our understanding of one another," said former professional player and You Can Play executive director Wade Davis in a press release. "We hope through these one-on-one interactions youth will see they are welcomed in sports.”

Davis, who came out as gay after his professional career, has worked with Institute for more than two years. The 'High Five' initiative is reportedly one of many projects professional sports leagues are undertaking to reach out to the LGBT community.

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