Scandal Episode 9 Recap: 'YOLO'

All I have to say is Mama Pope is a smooth operator, Cyrus and James are a mess and Huck is a man that loves his job. Head over to to read of my recap of this week's episode "YOLO." An excerpt:

"Papa Pope’s not the enemy, “she” is. The ‘she’ in question being none other than Mama Pope, a.k.a. Maya, a.k.a Marie Wallace. Marie was and is a terrorist, one who apparently was on her way out to do some more dirt the morning she said goodbye to Liv. That is, until Eli snatched her up and locked her away in the bowels of the justice system for the next two decades. Now, with the unwitting help of her trusting daughter, Maya/Marie has escaped to Hong Kong (Edward Snowden anyone?).

....whereas Eli is all blustering rage, threats and intimidation, emotional manipulation and deception are Marie’s calling cards. Finding out the truth about Marie flips Olivia’s as well as our perception of Papa Pope. Despite his flaws—his arm’s length style of parenting and the whole killing and training assassins bit—Eli is who he says he is: a man willing to go to extremes to protect the republic, and in his own perverse way, his daughter. Marie, whatever her reasons, has not been honest about who she is, which makes her all the more dangerous and unpredictable. Neither Marie or Eli would ever win parent of the year, but in this case it seems father knows best. For now at least."